Thursday, April 16, 2009

Never-Been-Kissed-Woman Can Sing!!!

So, by now I'm sure most of you have heard of Susan Boyle. She was on Britain's Got Talent, and she has a beautiful voice. I'm happy for her - I'm happy for her success. But what has been upsetting me is the way the news reporters have been talking about her. They've been focusing these main things:

1.) She's not the most attractive woman ever.
2.) She's (gasp) never been kissed!
3.) Despite these two facts, she can sing!

I can't believe the things I've heard today. Now, I'm not perfect. I sometimes misjudge people based on their appearance, I know that. But some of the reporters have been so blatant about it! I heard several reporters say, "I guess you can't judge a book by it's cover!" I hope Susan wasn't watching.

I heard her referred to as the "Hairy Angel" and another headline read, "Never-kissed Woman Wows Cowel."

Here's an actual conversation I heard (in my head) yesterday:

A: Did you hear about this woman, Susan Boyle?
B: No, what about her? Who is she?
A: She's this woman with a beautiful voice, but get this - she's not very attractive and not only that, but she's never been kissed.
B: Wait, I thought you said she can sing?
A: That's what I'm trying to tell you! That's the shocking part!
B: But wait...I don't get it. Is this an April Fools joke? I thought you said she was ugly.
A: Yes, she is!
B: Then how can she sing?
A: I don't know!
B: She must have been lip syncing.
A: No, they say she wasn't! It's some kind of scientific miracle!
B: (no response, passed out in shock)

Who said that you have to be Hollywood beautiful to be able to sing? Maybe MTV has convinced us that there's a biological connection between beauty and talent. Although I think this is only true for women. It's ok for men to be ugly and talented. But It's impossible. Until now.

Ok, I know. I'm blowing this out of proportion. But I was a bit annoyed by the rude words of the reporters yesterday. Can you imagine if you made it big and everyone reporting it focused on their shock that despite your looks, you actually have talent!?

I know, I'm ranting. But it's my blog and I can rant if I want to.


Kathy said...

Rant away! I agree with you 100%- don't get me started about the media. And the opposite seems to always be fine. Some girl comes along and can't sing, but bc she's "hot", get's a record deal and hits it big. Case and point- Britney Spears. I admit she can dance, and her tunes are catchy. But in my opinion, the girl CANNOT sing.

justin said...

What?! Britney is the best singer ever. She's the next Madonna!!!

I agree with you too Elizabeth. I can think of many not so attractive male actors and singers that never get dissed for their appearances. Although I think that's why I was kicked out of the B-52's :(

Christi said...

I agree 100%. It doesn't matter how smart, funny or talented a girl is unless she's also beautiful. But to play devil's advocate, how do we all know she's never been kissed? It can't just be assumed because she's unattractive. I've seen lots of ugly people making out at the mall. I wish I hadn't. Anyway, she would have to have told people that. Is she capitalizing a bit on her um...differences?

Elizabeth Downie said...

When she was introducing herself to the camera she mentioned that she had never been kissed, so yes, we can't really blame the media for jumping on that. I agree.

The Leo said...


AMy said...

i totally had these same feelings. it is so funny that she is getting so much press for being ugly and talented. because how weird...only the beautiful people can be talented. and this sort of makes me think of that crazy octo mom phenomenom. i guess the news is slow these days what with the peace in the world and the booming economy. i guess there is nothing better to report on ;)

D said...

I don't even think she's that ugly. Nothing a good stylist couldn't fix anyway. I was surprised she sang so well because I think she said she had only sung to her cat before. After she sang I wondered if that were really true.
The Octo mom drives me crazy because she expected the media frenzy to support her and her family. She had those kids to capitalize on them basically.

D said...

Oh and Bikini girl on American Idol drove me BATTY! She couldn't sing and shouldn't have gotten all of the attention that she did.

Angela said...

As with everyone else, totally agree. We live in a society that teaches that outward appearance is more important than anything - that the only way to achieve your dreams is if you look good. You're only worth something if you fit this mold society has cast. and yes, this only applies to women. and we wonder why so many of us have self-image and self-worth issues. it's one of the adversary's attacks - because a strong women who knows who she is can wreak the most havoc on his battles. just saying.
all in all this story is amazing though. and as Glenn Beck pointed out, the lyrics to the song she had sung were perfect - life had killed her dream, but she had the courage to rise above that and go for it. and thank goodness the contest is about actual TALENT. our world drives me insane.

Angela said...

sorry for my bad grammar above. should've proofread BEFORE posting. :)

Sara said...

I went to see the Indigo Girls yesterday and Emily talked about this. I wouldn't have known about it if I didn't read your blog! She said she cried the second time she watched the youtube video, and that she's going to watch it whenever she needs a reminder about what music is all about. And then someone in the audience yelled, "Even Simon smiled!" hahaha

Emily - Susan Boyle is Awesome!!! said...

All I have to say is that I LOVE her. She has a good personality and good teeth which is more than we can say for most British people. Peops need to stop making fun of her because she is awesome and they are lame-o.

Angie Cheney said...

I agree that she is not that ugly, and it shouldn't matter! Didn't she say she had never been REALLY kissed? That's the impression I was left she's never found the real thing yet. She's got spunk. I like her.