Friday, April 10, 2009

Easy in, easy out!

Today was opening day for the Tigers! The game was awesome, the weather was perfect, Kid Rock was there, and we had a great time. There was only one thing...Christi and I didn't arrive as early as we'd planned and our favorite parking lot (between the two abandoned buildings) was already full when we got there. This kind of threw us off our game, and not sure what to do, we circled the block looking for reasonably priced parking lots. And by lots I mean weedy empty land between gutted out abandoned buildings.

Suddenly, next to the lot we normally park in, some guy started waving us in yelling, "Easy in, easy out!" Two things worried us:

1) what gave this guy the authority to park us there? Was he homeless? He kind of looked homeless.

2) there were no other cars in that lot. Which brings me back to my first questions.

But he was so convincing. He kept nodding at us and smiling and waving in a way that said, "Yes, I know you suspect I have no right to park you here, but let's just put that behind us. Easy in. Easy out. You know you want to."

And we did. We did want to. We really wanted to. His lot was cheap-ish, close to a lot we trusted, and quite empty. So we did it. We took a risk, parked in an abandoned empty lot because some dude accepted our ten dollars to do it, and we went to the game.
The game was so good we almost forgot about the possibility of the car being gone (towed or worse) when we got there. But after we left the game it all came back. As we walked towards the lot I think I heard Christi mumbling, "please be there, please be there, please be there." She sighed a huge sigh of relief when we looked up and saw her car was still there - still the only one in the so-called lot, but still there.

I knew we could trust that guy. Plus, he was right. It couldn't have been easier to get both in and out.


Katherine said...

HILARIOUS!! I can't believe you trusted that guy, AND that you were the only ones there!!

Priscilla said...

Yikes! Glad it all worked out in the end...I'd hate to think of the two of you, abandonded in that area without your vehicle!

Mike said...

See, this confirms my belief that you should always trust suspicious guys on the street when they tell you something. And if they are creepy, along with suspicious looking, all the more trustworthy!

D said...

LOL! That's awesome (since it turned out so well). Poor guy only got your ten bucks- I'm surprised he didn't get more takers. :)

Heather said...

Here's what I think:I think he WAS homeless, had no athority to park you in the lot, but was thinkin to himself..i could use some food, i'll trick someone into parking here. He got you guys to park there, then he walked away to find some food (that's why you're the only one's there). The reason you didn't get towed is because, if you think about, you guys were doing a good deed parking there so this guy could eat that day! So karma wouldn't have towed you for doing a good deed.

Kathy said...

I can't believe you trust that guy, but you won't let me pick up the prisoner on the way into work! Rude.

We had the same experience going to the Masonic for a show. The only difference was that it was dark, and we kept thinking we were gonna get mugged by the guy as soon as we climbed out of the car. He could've had the car, but don't take my $5 Target clearance purse filled with pennies and my fave Bonnie Bell lip glosses!

David and Linda said...

Yikes, indeed! I have to agree with Heather that it must have been karma because anyone else would have been towed. I've seen it on the news! Police were telling people not to trust schlubs trying to park you in non-permit lots. On another note, you have encouraged me to go to more games this year. I LOVE BASEBALL!!