Monday, April 27, 2009

Update: I'm already sick of hearing about the swine flu

I hope I didn't add to the panic with my post from yesterday. Based on everything I've heard today, I feel like I'm supposed to be in a complete panic right now over the swine flu. And now there's the possibility that a woman in Michigan has it so now it's time to totally freak out!!!!!! I guess I have two options:

1.) Go on with my normal life, but with a bit more caution about the spreading of germs. Oh, and stop hugging and petting pigs - especially if they have the sniffles and a fever. Maybe I should stop going to the petting zoo every day after work.

2.) Buy a bubble, inflate it, move into it. Never leave it.

You would think with the way the media is covering this, there's nothing else out there that could kill us. It reminds me of the summer when all we heard about was the West Nile virus. We were all scared that every single mosquito was a carrier and all back yard bbqs were canceled indefinitely. I bought some netting and spent my entire summer in it. Memories. Here's what I plan on wearing this summer (better safe than sorry, right?):

I'm going to cover it with these stickers just to be safe.


Kathy said...

Now that I've heard the news, I'm definitely going home to get my emergency influenza gear. Thanks for the heads up. (this is a pic of me wearing it during the bird flu scare.)

alecia said...

I'm focusing on how cute your new background is instead of the sfv. We need to hang out again, I didn't get to talk to you enough because there was so much math and crackers going on!

AMy said...

you are cracking me up!

Angela Baillio (Fernandez) said...

We all have had the Rhinovirus for over 2 weeks. Luckily we can't leave the house very often so we won't be getting the pig flu.

Chris Willie said...

Don't worry--all you ever need to know about the swine flu is in these helpful PSAs from the 1970s. Watch those and think no more of it!

Katherine said...

I have it. I know I do. The news has convinced me of that. It's been nice knowing y'all. Sigh.
In other news, these cookies you made are deLISHous! (I know that's not how you spell delicious, it just fit the sentiment better.) I hope they're not laced with sfv. 'Specially since a little bird told me YOU are the woman in Michigan with you-know-what.