Friday, August 1, 2008


I'm sad today because they're done filming the scene from "Youth in Revolt" now. I know I had nothing to do with the movie whatsoever, but it was a really nice distraction from the monotony of every day life to check out the set this week!

Yesterday as I was walking by the set, I heard some people discussing who was in the movie. Someone said, "it's Ray Lisota." Someone else said, "I think it's Ray Leeesota." I heard several variations of the name until someone finally piped in with, "I think it's actually Ray Liotta."

Last night after going out for dessert, a few friends and I stopped by the set. It was all charred up from the scene with the car crash. Today they took it all down, as seen in the pictures below. I'm sure that some of you will be glad you won't have to hear anything more about this movie! But I'm bummed. Who would've thought I'd get attached to a movie I have no intention of seeing!?


Katherine said...

The building looks like it's on fire in the top picture (of the bottom two)! That'd be cool. We should totally record this movie when it's on TBS in 3 years and watch the scene(s) with this building over and over. Good times!
P.S. Thanks for not putting the ugly picture of me in here... :)

Katherine said...

P.P.S. "Ray Leeesota!" HA! People.