Friday, August 15, 2008

Michael Phelps Fever

It seems that almost everyone has Michael Phelps fever these days. I can't tell you how many of my friends have said to me, "Michael Phelps is the hottest man alive and I'm in love with him." (I'm not paraphrasing.) While I'm not in love with him, I have been watching him all week, and I think I might be catching the fever.

Tonight Christi and I went to the Tigers game. The game was somewhat painful so we didn't feel guilty leaving our boys after the seventh inning to get back in time to see Michael Phelps at 10:10. We walked into Christi's apartment at 10:03, and turned on the t.v. right away. And oh my gosh, could you guys believe that race tonight!? I had to watch the replay over and over to believe it. Good thing Michael Phelps has 12 foot arms.

I wonder how long the fever is going to last? Remember the last Olympics when he was a huge superstar? Everyone around here was really excited that he was going to be moving to Ann Arbor, but then we basically didn't hear anything about him again until last week. Even though he was in Ann Arbor for the past four years.

Last night I was with some friends for dinner and we were discussing Michael Phelps and how he had just finished at UofM. Betsy asked what he's going into, and Jon said, "endorsements." Sounds about right.

Anyway, I definitely have Michael Phelps fever but I'm not in love with him like some people. I am, however, into Ryan Lochte. He's the hottest man alive and I'm in love with him.


Brady said...

What you missed by not staying to the awful awful end of that game was the fact that the only cheers that happened all night was when they announced on the Jumbo-tron that Mr. Phelps had won the race. There really wasn't any other redeeming factor to the game, except perhaps the fireworks. We went to the Hard Rock after that, and seriously, on the screens that weren't Music Videos, it was all Michael all the time.

Sarah Piersol said...

You can have Lochte...I'll take Aaron Piersol. :) (

Sarah Frantom-Piersol said...

Whew, I'm feeling the Phelps-mania tonight...just saw them win the relay tonight, along with my dreamboat Aaron Piersol. :) (With whom I decided I'd hyphenate my name, not just blindly take his as in my previous post!) :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

I know - wasn't that race amazing tonight!?!? I was actually holding my breath for part of it! I saw your boyfriend - he really is cute. Good choice! :) I hope you guys live happily ever after. ;)

Katherine said...

P.S. I heart Michael Phelps, too. And he hearts me. It's true!

Anonymous said...