Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Summer thoughts

I was tempted to write (again) about the movie being filmed nearby because Michael Cera was there on Monday, but I am trying to avoid turning my blog into a People magazine - the Michigan edition. :) So I thought I'd write about something else. (Notice I snuck that celebrity spotting in here while at the same time claiming that I'm trying to avoid doing that?)

Moving on...Yesterday, for the first time this summer, I made it over to Washtenaw Dairy. As most of you know, this place is known not only for its delicious ice cream, but also for its generous servings. I got a peanut butter brownie SINGLE scoop (pictured above) and look how ginormous it is! Also, look at that delicious strip of peanut butter on the lower right side. It was so good. Granted, I could only finish about a quarter of it but it was heavenly.

As I was eating the ice cream cone, I started wondering if there was anything else I had to do before the summer's over. We still have one more month of summer, so I have a little time left to make and accomplish some goals. So, off the top of my head, here's a list of things I still want to accomplish this summer.

1) Have a summer romance (see earlier post for expectations on this subject)
2) Have my own celebrity spotting when "Whip It" is filming in Saline
3) Become best friends with Drew Barrymore (#2 and #3 go hand in hand)
4) Go to Mackinac Island
5) Go to another Tigers game
6) Ride my bike to work (Justin doubts my ability to do this)

Lest you think I'm totally shallow, know that I do have some slightly deeper goals (slightly). But I won't bore you with those. So if any of you want to go to a Tigers game or Mackinac Island, or maybe you know the perfect rebel for a summer fling - let me know! One month to go!


Christi said...

I need to go to a Tigers game sometime between August 11-14 to fulfill one of my summer goals. I don't have tickets yet, but let me know if you want to go. Those are weeknights unfortunately :(

Elizabeth Downie said...

I'm in! Let me know which one looks best to you and I'll buy my ticket. Let's see if Monica's going that week!

Anonymous said...

You seriously crack me up. But who is Michael Cera?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Michael Cera was in Arrested Development and Juno, mysterious "anonymous" commenter :)

Kathy said...

That would be awesome if you actually rode your bike into work! Tell me when you're going to do it so I can honk my horn and wave at you as I pass. I would roll down the window and say hi, but I don't want to waste the air conditioning.

Justin said...

I don't remember doubting your ability to bike to work! although you would have to get up a little earlier and I do doubt your ability to do that. =P

Elizabeth Downie said...

Justin, you know me too well! :)

Liz said...

I can't believe that for the 3 years I lived in mich I never once made it to Wastenaw dairy.