Friday, August 29, 2008

For a contrast, things that make me sad...

Since I made the list of things that make me happy, I thought I should also make a list of things that make me sad. You know, just to give you a more rounded picture of who I am.
  • poor losers. As a natural winner and overly gifted person, this is something I have to deal with a lot.
  • poisoned apples
  • Sanjaya
  • everyone insisting that I have to love Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I don't like that movie.
  • that Charlie and Eko were killed off Lost (oops...spoiler alert!)
  • when people don't write "spoiler alert" before they spill the spoiler
  • erasers that just smear the pencil marks but don't erase
  • feeling full halfway into a delicious meal
  • my birthday (that one is not a joke!)
  • getting arrested
  • when singers talk in a song. That makes me very uncomfortable.
  • getting bitten by snakes
  • finding out how many calories are in my favorite foods
  • when people younger than me complain that they're "old"
  • when someone tells me I need an attitude adjustment

What about you? What makes you sad?


Katherine said...

As far as "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is concerned, you really DO need an attitude adjustment. I mean, come on! That movie's hilarious!! I won't insist you like it, I guess. Just that you watch it with me twice a year.
I would have to agree with most of those, especially no more Mr. Eko. I heart him.

Kristin said...

Are you saying that the next time we want to make you uncomfortable while you're playing Dr. Mario we could add a little Barry White in the background before Abram comes down in his onsie?

Elizabeth Downie said...

That would be a good strategy, but I'm honestly not sure that anything could make me more uncomfortable than the onsie alone! ha! That thing is just too snug.

Miss Sarah said...

When someone calls me "ma'am" instead of "miss"...that makes me VERY sad!

Lady Baillio said...

-when I snap at Anwen
-when I get hives
-when my flower sales drop
-when I don't deliver babies when I want.
-when I lose my phone ea. day

Katherine said...

When you don't deliver babies you want!? I take it you haven't had this baby yet? lol You crack me up!

D said...

I almost stopped watching Lost when Charlie died. My husband wouldn't let me though. I'm just glad he's had a few short cameos here and there since...maybe he's not gone completely!

Liz said...

How can you not like Ferris Buellers Day Off!!!!! That is one of the greatest movies. Sometimes I don't think I know you at all.

Liz said...

Wait, getting arrested makes you sad? Is that your way of telling me that you've been arrested? Now I'm going to speculate wildly about what you must have done.