Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well guys, it's coming. You know what I'm talking about. You've been feeling it too, I'm sure. I started taking pictures of the evidence on August 11th, and continued to take pictures throughout the month until there was no point in denying it. Fall is coming. Now, you know I love summer, but that doesn't mean that I don't love fall as well. In fact, fall probably would be my favorite season, except that it leads us to winter and I just can't forgive it for that.

My favorite things about fall:

the crunch of leaves underfoot
the smell of chimney smoke
cider mills
cinnamon makes a comeback
hot chocolate
hay rides
school supplies
corn mazes
haunted houses
scary movies
pumpkin pies and pumpkin cookies...oh, and pumpkin bread :)
cuddly sweaters
seeing your breath outside
snuggling up under a blanket
Charlie Brown holiday movies
kids in costumes
the Saline fair
favorite t.v. shows start back up
football season
candy corn

Did I miss anything?


Amy said...

I love the summer so much that I always kind of dread the onset of fall. But then when I get the first hint that it's on its way (for me it was Monday, there was something inexplicably fall-like in the air), I start to get excited for the change of seasons. Michigan's a great place to be for fall :).

Emily said...

Were all these pictures taken recently? Please tell me they are from another year. I agree with Amy. I'm always sad at the end of August, but then I get really excited about fall. Do you dress up for Halloween?

Elizabeth Downie said...

These were all taken this month! I do love Halloween (and Thanksgiving!). And yes, I like to dress up for Halloween. Do you?

And Amy, it's funny you said that because my co-worker walked in yesterday and said, "it smells like fall outside!" Something really does change in the air when the season is about the shift.

Emily said...

I can't believe those pictures are from this month. Crazy! Yeah, I like to dress up for Halloween. I was a mummy two years ago and a robot last year. I think I have pictures from both on my facebook.

Sarah said...

Another reason to love fall is for college football season and the sounds of marching bands practicing! :) Other than that, you pinpointed the exact reasons I do really enjoy fall. Especially sunshine and fall...gray dreary fall - not so much. :)

Katherine said...

MmmmMmMmMmmm...cider and pump-a-kin pie or cookies or bread... DELICIOUS!!! I love fall! Partially 'cause my birfday is in the fall...sort of. (The day before fall technically, but whatev.)

Angela said...

i love fall! fall is my favorite!