Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer lovin', had me a blast!

Ever since I was young and first saw Grease (or was it Dirty Dancing?), I've always understood the importance of summer romance. Girl goes on vacation and meets a gorgeous bad boy, girl learns how to dirty dance, girl moves to boy's high school, girl wears leather pants and starts smoking, they fall in love and live happily ever after. I might be mixing up the movies here, but you get the point. Summer romances can be life changing!

Well, bad news. It's mid July and I haven't had a summer romance yet. Truth be told, I don't think I'm the "summer fling" type. But for some reason, I'm always disappointed when I don't have one. It's possible that I'm too old to be thinking about summer romance but I guess all those movies from my youth have really stuck with me. The good news is I still have part of July and all of August.

The way I see it, I have three options for summer romance. Two of them I summarized above (learn to dirty dance or move to a new school and meet up with my old summer flame). The other option is from the movie The Great Outdoors. In this scenario, I go to a resort town, meet a jaded local, and convince him that I'm not like the other girls who visit that town - I'm different. Better. This movie tops the charts when it comes to the cheese factor. Those of you lucky enough to have seen it will know what I'm talking about. ("Cammie....if you're out there....")

I'm thinking that since I'm not in school anymore the Grease scenario is out. The Dirty Dancing one sounds like fun, but involves way too much drama. Plus I'm not sure I'm flexible enough for that one (physically or morally). I guess that leaves the Great Outdoors option. I happen to be leaving for a week's vacation tomorrow so this one might work out perfectly.

But the question is, what characteristics do I look for in a summer fling? When I was 13 it was easy. I had a huge crush on this guy I met on vacation. He had everything I was looking for in a guy: a moped, a rebel attitude, and he was super cute. You have to remember I was heavily influenced by Richard Marx and Paula Abdul back then. But now...I'm not sure a moped would do much for me anymore. And I haven't listened to Richard Marx or Paula Abdul in weeks.

When I look for the common thread with all these movies and with my crush from all those years ago, there's one thing all the love interests share: the rebel attitude. While this can be cute when you're 13, it's a little dangerous in an adult man. But then again...if I must, I must! Summer romance, here I come!


The Leo said...

Oh, your summer bad boy's out there girlie! What happened to Mr. Pretty Legs? Not up for a little vacation time? His loss (cue background music: Irreplacable by Beyonce).

Brady said...

So, what about Keamy? Not that he's a summer romance kind of guy, but he's kind of got that rebel attitude...

Kathy said...

Why don't you try a night out in that shimmery dress you wore the other night with The Rock? It would guarantee a summer romance for sure!
p.s.- Can you believe I went blonde? Wolfgang loved it! :)-

Elizabeth Downie said...

Brady, I'm not sure Keamy's the summer fling kind of guy. I mean, yes, he is a rebel but I think he's the wrong kind of rebel. He's the murdering kind.

Kathy, graet idea! Thank goodness I brought that dress with me on vacation! And yes, you looked great as a blonde! ;)

And Najah, Mr. Pretty Legs is married. Bummer! LOL

Justin said...

wait, doesn't Andrew have a summer home in Ludington?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Justin - you are so hilarious! I just found the wedding announcement you and Kathy made. Disturbing but very very funny. I love the picture. I can't believe you guys found that picture of him! I hope you're having fun on your trip!