Thursday, March 22, 2012

As Seen on TV

My coworker, Ann, sits at a cubicle about ten feet behind mine. I recently asked her what she thought was a strange question, "if I were using a thigh master at my desk, would you be able to tell from where you are sitting?" I'm not sure if it was the visual of me using the thigh master at work that made her laugh, or simply the memory of the long lost 90's product the "thigh master" that amused her. Either way, I haven't bought one yet.

But I want to.

If I had it my way, I would own ALL the exercise doo-hickies. I think ALL of them are the key to getting my abs in perfect shape, or the jiggle completely out of my arms and um...other areas. Luckily, lack of space and insufficient funds have prevented me from buying everything so far. I still have a bunch of stuff though - a mini trampoline (you might recall), a stair climber, pilates equipment, a foam roller, weights, arm bands, and more.

But I also want the thigh master, the shake weight, and any of the many products to make my abs even more fab than they already are (hard to imagine, I know).

Like this ab roller machine. It looks like something you'd see in your gynecologist's office, right? But no, it's actually the magic solution to the best abs of your life. (Or so it promises.) And I want it.

I don't buy it though because I figure I can probably get the same results from doing sit ups and crunches. But the problem is, sit ups and crunches are boring! I want the crazy contraptions! Not because they're magic solutions but because they're more fun. And they're magic solutions.

What is the best exercise doo-hickie you own? What's the craziest? Which is the one collecting dust in the corner?


Julie- The Great Lakes Girl said...

My favorite piece of fad exercise equipment is a hula hoop. It's actually fun and can be done while wasting time watching silly television shows, making me feel a little better about said shows.

violet50 said...

The only exercise "doohickey" I ever owned was a mini-trampoline. I liked it because it didn't hurt my knees and every time I jumped up every muscle in my body when up and same when I came down. Good toner system. And it helped my lower half, too. I am intrigued by some of those contraptions, though.

lizzie mc.- said...

My dad had a wheel on handles to flatten the tummy, but as a kid when I had abs it was hard, but oh so fun. Now I imagine I'd put my back out! Something like this...

Katherine said...

I've got the Winsor Pilates circle, which I love! That and some free weights. I don't use those as much, but have in the past!! I agree, though-the doohickeys make it way more fun!

Liz said...

Shake weight. Hahahaha. Wasn't that scientifically proven to be ineffective.
I have a thigh master, it's not all its cracked up to be. You have to actually do work, and move your legs for it to work. No thank you.
I do sorta want the Giselle. The machine by that guy with the weird pony tale.
You should by some sweating to the oldies videos.