Monday, March 12, 2012

Adventures in Arizona

I'm still on vacation in Arizona, and I have certainly not had a boring trip! I have a few stories to tell you but I won't overwhelm you with all of them at once. I'll start out with one that happened Saturday night. Here's a hint: it ends like this:

The scene: the exit to get on the highway
The crime: getting rear ended in a hit and run situation
The suspects: a scruffy looking dude and his unkempt girlfriend

So, to simplify, my friend Kristine and I got rear ended last night and the guy who hit us fled the scene. Two good Samaritans who witnessed it chased the guy to get his license plate number. Meanwhile, Kristine and I got the license plate number too and called the police once we'd pulled over.

After updating our Facebook statuses (priorities in check), we checked out the bumper and there was no damage, thank goodness.

Now here's the awesome part: the police caught the guy. One cop car went after him, and one came to us. Our police officer, also known to Kristine and I as "Handsome Cop" ('cause he was) kept us updated on what was happening with the police officer who caught our hit-and-run perp.

Meanwhile, he was also giving me grief stemming from the oldest war in history: Michigan vs. Ohio. After he looked at my drivers license, our conversation went like this:

H.C. (Handsome cop): (exasperated mouth noise) Michigan! (looking up at me with scorn in his eyes. Then explaining:) I'm from Ohio.
Me: (Realizing the severity of the situation.) Oh, so we're mortal enemies.
H.C. Yep.

Handsome Cop went back to his car after that and did whatever cops do in their cars, then he came back and told us that the guy had been caught, and that there were warrants out for his arrest so they were taking him to jail. I expressed some excitement then said, "I shouldn't be so happy. I don't hate the guy." And HC said, "really? Cause I do."

You guys, HC doesn't mess around. He straight up hates perps!

After that, he went to meet up with the arresting officer to get the paper work to bring back to us. He told us he'd return in five minutes but a half hour later, wasn't back yet. Kristine and I were getting impatient. After all, we had places to be. Luckily, he came back about ten minutes later, apologizing and explaining that the guy "was high and got belligerent and had to be beat up a little bit." Adding, "it happens."

The rest of our conversation went like this:

HC: If you feel worse later, give me a call.
Me: What's your number? 911?
HC: It's on the paper.
Me: Ok.
HC: If she (pointing at Kristine) is having a seizure later, call me.
Me: What if I'm having a seizure??
HC: No, we don't care about you.
Me: What?? Because I'm from Michigan!?
HC: Yep.

You guys, the situation between Ohio and Michigan is no joke.* Anyway, all's well that ends well. Except of course for the guy who hit us, got beat up, then thrown in jail. It didn't end awesome for him. But Kristine and I (and the car I was driving) were fine, and we were grateful for that. Plus, it's a pretty good story, huh?

*It's a joke.


Jeff Chase said...

You neededn't worry about the driver. I hear incarceration has pretty high rehabilitation rates. It will do him good.

Katherine said...

HA!! Yes, good story!! You should've taken a picture of Handsome Cop, though. Or called and asked him out. Did you do the wedding ring glance?? I'm glad you, Kristine, and the car are ok!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Katherine!!!! :)

Heather said...

Heeellloo handsome cop! He was flirting like crazy! Oo la la. I'm glad you guys weren't hurt and I'm glad they caught the perp. All I could think of the whole time I read this post is, "bad boys, bad boys,whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"

Ryan @ TheSinglesWard said...

Crazy Arizona people!

*One Step at a Time* said...
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violet50 said...

Ha! You should be a writer for cop dramas, you have all of the lingo: perps, hadda get beat up a little, did you get the license plate number? My vacations are never this exciting.

Steve said...


Liz said...

In all the commotion you failed to mention whether HC had a ring on his finger. Imagine telling that story to your grand kids and telling them that's how you met. It would be so cute.