Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Happier Thursday

I haven't done a post about Pinterest in awhile! I think I'm overdue in showing you some things that are making me happy on Pinterest lately. I hope these images brighten your day a bit!

Ron Swanson (from here)
Adorable!! (from here)

T Rex and I have something in common. (from here)
Oh, turtle. (from here)
Love Mary Tyler Moore! Love this. (from here)
Who doesn't need to be reminded of this? (from here)
An ad from the 50's. There are no words. (from here)
The "awww" factor is overwhelming. (from here)

Here's to a happier Thursday. :)


k nelle said...

i love the ron swanson.
Happy Thursday!! I always love that we get together weekly now. You're always fun to talk to/with. Here's to an almost weekend!!

Ashley said...

Love these - good choices!

Kelly L said...

So cute..
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Katherine said...

HA!!! Ron! And why are those dogs and turtle so adorable?! They're melting my heart! (Especially the last dog in the scarf!) I've been on Pinterest quite a bit today myself, and it's so fun!

violet50 said...

I love the Ron Swanson pictures. So funny! And the animals. So cute. These made the fact that it's not Friday night bearable.

Sky said...

I love the T-Rex. I have a shirt with a two T-Rex on it where one says, "I love you this much" with his tiny arms, and the other one replies, "That's not very much."


Sky said...
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