Monday, November 21, 2011

Creative Weekend

I've mentioned this before, but this time of year always stirs up creativity in me. When it gets dark at 5:00 in the afternoon, I guess it becomes necessary to find things to do inside (besides carbo-load and mope - my two fall back winter activities). 

This weekend was an all-out craft weekend, starting with Friday when I stayed in, watched a movie I'm ashamed to admit*, and made a wreath for my grandma. This was a super fun project and I'm going to make another one this week. Sorry the picture of the finished wreath is blurry. I couldn't get the dang thing to hold still. 

I spent any free moments the rest of the weekend making headbands to give as gifts. I'm addicted to this project these days. 

Saturday afternoon I went to a painting class with some good friends. I was very nervous about this. One of my sisters is a very talented painter (check out her website), and I know that compared to her, I seriously stink at it. But I had a blast in this class and would definitely go again.

There's us with our final paintings. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with mine. A friend of mine looked at the picture and said, "Oh wow, it's good!" I said, "really?" And he said, "Yeah, I mean, I wouldn't buy it and hang it up, but it's not bad!" That kind of honesty always makes me laugh. But if you want to lie and tell me it's amazing, I'm always ok with that too.

*The first Twilight movie. I know you'll never be able to look me in the eye again now. And what's worse? I've seen it  before.


violet50 said...

Your painting IS awesome. I'm sure I couldn't do it. Very nice!!

Katherine said...

HA! Don't you love it when people aren't afraid to give you their opinion? (I'm used to that being in art school and all [thanks for the shout-out!], but it's still funny when people are blunt.) I with Moms - I like your painting! If you stuck it in a dark frame and hung it as an accent in a somewhat neutral-colored room, it'd make an awesome pop!

That headband is adorable, and you know how in love with that wreath I am. I mean, seriously, how'd you get the spacing and placement so perfect?? I just keep staring at it. Love it!

Kristin McElderry said...

what fun projects! I love them. Let me know if you ever need a craft buddy. I am all up for crafty projects right now.

Savd said...

I love how the three paintings have so many differences in them between you ladies...I feel like that is waiting to be psycho-analyzed! :)

Ashley said...

Nice pictures! It's so colorful and fun. You should find a funky frame and hang it up.
How do you make those headbands? Is it easy? It's super cute and I want to make one! Please share the instructions.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Ashley, I've never done a tutorial before, but if I have some time this week, I'll do one! :) They're not hard to make at all.

Sara said...

Fun! Next up, knitting!