Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday! (Please read that in the voice of the guy who announces the monster truck rallies.)

You guys, I am in a state of shock that next week is Thanksgiving. What the what!? This year is going way too fast. And in a broader sense, now that I think about it, my life is going too fast. Dang. I am not getting any younger. Pretty sure I'm going to make it a New Year's Resolution to get married in 2012. Think I can do it? Does making it a goal help at all?

In other thoughts, I got busted this morning by a coworker who caught me listening to Sufjan Stevens' Christmas CD box set. Is it still too early for Christmas? I've crossed over, I think. It's too late to go back. If it makes you feel any better though, I watched a Halloween special last night too. 

Oh my goodness, you guys, I have been way excited to show you this ice scraper mitten I bought from Eddie Bauer the other day. (There's a handle inside the mitten.) Pretty cool, huh? It's honestly sad how excited I am about this. Nothing puts me in a foul mood in the morning like scraping the ice off my windows and getting wet, cold fingers.

Winter..... I.... (Sigh.)It snowed last week. It didn't stick or accumulate at all, but it came down hard for a little bit. My coworkers and I stared at it out the window, adjusting to the variety of emotions it stirred in us. For me it was mostly dread, but oddly enough, a bit of happiness. Winter is part of me, I guess. Even though I mostly hate it.

And lastly in Wednesday Thoughts, I've been a crafting fool lately. I went to a church Christmas craft workshop over the weekend, and that only fueled the fire (check out some of what I made here). My nieces and nephews are going to get some of the awesome-est home made gifts they've ever seen for Christmas this year! And some store bought stuff too, because I still want them to love me.

Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

OoooH! That mitten scraper is AWESOME!!! I bought a regular old non-mitten scraper a few weeks ago. Lame. ;) I was walking to work when it snowed here last week, and it was as if fall and winter were fighting over my emotions. I had my umbrella with me because it was supposed to rain, but when the snow came, I didn't know what to do. It still felt like fall, but then, at the sight of the snow, it was like these wintry, Christmas-y images and scents (with a soundtrack of Christmas music) started flashing back and forth with images and smells of fall. It was weird. Walking home later, the snow was coming down harder, so I used my umbrella so I didn't get all sloshy. It felt weird using my umbrella in the snow, but I also felt nicely protected that way. I did finally start listening to an all-Christmas station a few days ago, but that's mostly because there aren't many good stations here in GR and I was bored with my own CDs. The fall/winter transition is so confusing to me this year!!

As for the "Married in 2012" campaign, I'm all for it! And goals are always a good idea! (Unless it's like, a goal to murder more or something...) I think you should run it in conjunction with the political races. You could have debates with potential mates (rhyming debates?), run a smear campaign against potential rivals, and hold rallies. Come to think of it, maybe we should swap this around and have the guys competing for YOUR vote! Yes, I like this. Much better. I'd be happy to run the campaign. The guys can debate, run the smear campaigns against each other, do commercials, and I think bribes would be completely appropriate (in the form of chocolates, flowers, jewels, etc). I'll start working on narrowing down the candidates. ;)

P.S. This comment is LONG.

Melissa C said...

I had a couple of those mitten scrapers! Sadly, I didn't think they did the job as well as some of the old fashioned ones. Perhaps it is just because I am so stinking short, and I couldn't get the properly leverage when my hand was in the mitten. It was warm, though. They didn't make the move to KY, where I have learned that there is a lot more ice than snow, so I will probably need them more. Boo. Maybe I will have our gargage cleaned out by then.

PS. My word verification actually had "mits" in it. :)

lizzie mc.- said...

When we lived in Stephenville it wasn't worth owning (and quite difficult to acquire) an ice scraper. I'm thankful that tape decks were still the norm in cheap cars.

I'd love to learn how to make that. My family's typical, "I can do THAT!" We'll see, but Andy would love me forever. Of course he'd better anyways.

I think that's a great goal. I think the best goal is to be ready to accept who is best.

And because you make me laugh, thank you. I love that I can hear you when you write. Miss you.