Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I couldn't get into my car this morning. It wasn't an emotional thing; it's not like I couldn't face the day (though I suppose that's not entire untrue). I just literally couldn't get into my car. The door was completely frozen shut. And remember my awesome new scraper? It was frozen into my ice-sealed trunk, unable to fulfill its destiny. So I used an old-school scraper and when that didn't work, a giant glass of super hot water. Eventually I was able to get the car door open and face the slippery drive to work.

I'll admit, the drive in could have been a lot worse, but the prettiness of the snow softened my heart somewhat.

I was totally watching the road when I took this, no worries.

And this scene greeted me when I walked up to my office building:

Fine, snow. Fine. I'll concede. You're pretty.

Between the snow and parting my hair on the other side of my head as an experiment, today is definitely going to be a challenging day. Let me explain about the part. See, I heard this piece on Radiolab about mirror image, and how the way we see our reflection in the mirror is different than how people see us. They had a guy on the show who talked about how he thought the way he looked in the mirror was fine, and couldn't understand why he was unpopular. Then one day he got several passport pictures taken and discovered by examining them that he was goofy looking. He blamed it on his part, and parted his hair on the other side of his head from then on. And because of this, he claims his life improved dramatically. He was more popular and had more friends. Because of his part.

So I decided to experiment and change my part today. I had talked with my coworker, Justin, about the Radiolab show yesterday so he knew about the guy who changed his part. Today I told him about changing mine, and asked him if changing it made me more likable, less likable, or the same likable. He paused and I added, "And you can't take into consideration the annoyingness of the question. This is based on part alone." He then quickly answered: "same likable."

So now I have to feel "off" all day and I am not even more likable. In fact, if I'm being honest, it's probably making me less likable. Or maybe that's the snow's fault?

Between the snow and my part, the deck is definitely stacked against me today. I guess I better take a quick look at the bright side for today: peppermint hot chocolate, Chinese food, a party at my grandma's retirement building at which Elvis* is going to be performing, and my book club. (Oh boy, all those people are going to see me with this weird hair part. [Sigh.])

Happy Wednesday.

*not the real Elvis, cause you know....he died and stuff.


Mark said...

When I was about 12, I had a haircut just like Adolf Hitler. Thanks, Dad. At least that's how it appeared in the mirror. I could hold up a black plastic comb under my nose and look like a Boy from Brazil. Thanks to physics, the rest of the world didn't see me that way.

All the public schools are closed here in Lansing... except LCC, so I still had to go to work. :P

lizzie mc.- said...

and stuff... I love you!

The part thing. I was reversing pictures to put into a collage (if would fit the shape better) but I looked like a dork. I totally understand about being reversed. I mean, I AM a dork, but I don't need that emphasized! I think if I lived in your climate, I'd pay for the key fob that starts the car thawing... of course, I'm sure they don't have the defrost included in that feature... DORKS!

Katherine said...

I actually change the part in my hair quite often! I'll often leave it parted one way all summer, then in the fall I can have lighter blond bangs or darker blond bangs, depending on how I part my hair. :D I don't know if it changes my likeableness or not, but it's fun!

I can't believe you guys had that crazy storm. I only live two hours west and it didn't hit here AT ALL! I was watching the radar map last night, and it was like there was a circle around GR of clear skies, and then the storm just headed east. Weird. I did learn from your experience to keep a scraper in my apartment, though, so I can scrape into my car if need be. I'm sorry you didn't get to use your new one, though. :( Next time!

violet50 said...

It's not the part. You're almost always likeable. :) And f.y.i. Elvis lives in Battle Creek.

Melissa C said...

I feel left out down way south here with no snow. It was just chilly, Not even super cold. I am going to be so weak when we come back! Your pictures are pretty of the snow!

Does your hair/scalp feel strange because of your part? Mine always feels funky whenever it is parted differently, because it is being pulled differently. That could make you feel off, perhaps too?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Melissa, that's definitely part of it. My scalp feels SO weird with this different part! I can't get used to it. My hair is falling differently and honestly, does not look good today because of it. sigh. I *tried* to change. haha