Friday, July 15, 2011


I haven't written about my grandma in awhile, but rest assured she's just as funny and feisty and ready to go to heaven (much to my chagrin) as ever. For years she's been predicting her impending death to the point where it's become a joke to her (and only her).

She doesn't mind the idea of death - in fact, she welcomes it. She has a strong belief in the after life and wants to see her husband and daughter (my aunt) again, along with her siblings and so many others who've already passed away. She likes life well enough, but her body aches and she's 91, which she says is just too long to stay alive. I constantly disagree with her about that, but she just laughs.

Here are a couple recent quotes from her that may make you laugh if you have a dark sense of humor. Don't feel bad if you do laugh - she'd want you to.

"I almost forgot about my doctor's appointment the other day. I made the appointment six months and ago and didn't write it down 'cause I figured I'd be dead by then."

Me, opening a medicine packet for her: When did you have the last dose? Has it been long enough?
Grandma, swallowing the pills with a laugh: Oh, the worst it could do is kill me.
Me: Grandma!

My only comfort is that she worries so much about the family, she won't pass on until all our problems (like me not being married) are solved. I expect to have many more years with her.


Katherine said...

HA!! Oh, Grandma! She cracks me up. At the same time, it's kind of sweet that she feels ready to move on - a lot of people don't! And as for your last sentence, I agree about many more years, but she'll be so excited about your finding the One (soon) that she'll stick around for the first few years. ;)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Soon, huh? I like your optimism. ;)

Mark said...

Darn. I was about to propose to you and Katherine this weekend. But knowing that it might hasten your grandmother's demise (and the whole polygamy thing), I'll put that plan on hold.

Sarah said...

I love your Grandma's stories!!! :)

violet50 said...

Too funny!

T. Taylor Joo said...

All my grandparents passed away in their late 80s and 90s, so I never felt bad when they passed away as they lived long full fulfilling lives. But I always feel bad saying that I never felt bad when my grandparents passed away.

Liz said...

Death is funny!

Chagrin?! Nice word usage brainiac, thanks for rubbing it in my dumb face.