Monday, July 11, 2011


I don't feel like using words tonight but I do feel like updating my blog. Solution? Sharing some instagram photos with y'all (I lived in Texas for over a year so I have written permission to say y'all). I just got the instagram ap* and I'm lovin it. Check out some of these photos.

My shadow - I'm wearing a bike helmet and I look
like a little person. Kinda cool.
sidewalk chalk
my niece and me - I'm the one on the left
Water balloons from this weekend. Nothing makes
people happy like water balloons. It's a scientific fact.

We carved a helmet out of a watermelon. This is my cousin
shoving it on his fiance's head
(there's a napkin in it {of course}).

Which is your favorite?

*"ap" is in my top 2 least favorite words but it's unavoidable.


Angela said...

Your shadow is my favorite. Reminds me of 'Pops' from Regular Show on Cartoon Network. Funny funny character and show.

Super Zero said...

Watermelon helmet. What a great idea!
Great pics tho.

Mark said...

There are a few things that make me happy like a water balloon, like a sunburn or a dead car battery. They look like giant jelly beans, but mean you have to walk around the rest of the day chafing while your undershorts dry out.

I think that's the same kind of helmet the MSU football team uses.

movingluggage said...

Just to let everyone know: "y'all" is singular. The plural form is "all y'all."

Elizabeth Downie said...

Mark, you're cracking me up with your orneriness. I actually got hit in the crotch with a water balloon that day and it took forever to dry. I signed a very serious petition that day looking like I'd peed my pants. Not cool.

Katherine said...

Man, you as a little person is tops, but I also love the water balloons and the flower/bee pics. Great photos, and cool effects!

Limequat said...

Instagram is basically my favorite app! Well, HeyTell is also awesome because you can sing at your friends during the workday without disrupting them! That's pretty awesome.

Ashley said...

Cool pics! It was hard to choose, but my fave is the one of the shoes.

violet50 said...

Y'all 'r a good photographer! I like the water balloons one the best. They almost look like they are in a cartoon. Pretty!!