Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

Historically speaking, my vacation posts aren't my most popular posts. I guess it's because my Ludington vacations are ah-mazing and there's really not much to say about that. It's pretty much happy happy joy joy all the time. For the most part. Here are the hardships I've had to face this week:

1. I lost in the race against time with an ice cream cone today.
2. I got for-real scared during campfire stories tonight and then was afraid when I had to pick up a pizza by myself and the restaurant was across the street from the graveyard. I'm not making this up.
3. I lost at a card game against my sisters. And I wasn't a gracious loser.
4. I got sun burnt while floating lazily down the river yesterday.
5. I went down the water slide at the pool and later my 5 year old nephew told me that my butt is too big for the slide and that it's meant for little butts. Well, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!

You guys, vacation's hard. I've suffered a lot. But besides the late night pizza runs, the scary stories, and the devasting card game losses, the week has been great so far. Beautiful sunsets, daily bike rides to the beach, creative smores, and so on. Instead of making another list, I'll just show you in pictures:

Reeses peanut butter cup smore!

Swimming in the "lagoon."

A failed attempt at a group shot.

I lost this battle.
The view on my daily bike ride to the beach at Lake Michigan.

I tried ribs for the first time!

The aforementioned slide. My butt's totally not too big. For the record.

Not bad.
Happy Wednesday!


lizzie mc.- said...

Holy s'mores!

Seriously, really the first time having ribs... so deprived!

My dad always kicked our bums playing Hearts. We'd wear out a deck of cards on vacation. I never lost graciously, nor did I ever give up... so much fun to try.

Hope the rest of vacation is as fun. Happy Wednesday!

Sarah said...

I Heart Michigan!! :) I think the Pure Michigan people (and Tim Allen) should get together with you on a new campaign!! :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Thats right, we wooped ya! waaahoo! Though, I lost horribly at Uno the night before so It's all good.
This vacation has been spectacular. Lots and lots of fun.
P.s The pizza was delish. Thanks for braving the murdering barbie, the bloody finger, ssscccrrreeeaaachhh and the unknown clomper outside the window that got in the trash.

Heather said...

That was me Heather, sorry. That's what we get for being on vacation together.

violet50 said...

If I weren't with you on this vacation I'd be totally jealous. Great pictures, btw!

Sara said...

You can't post that it's the first time you've had ribs in your entire life (shocking!) and then not tell us what you thought!

Elizabeth Downie said...

Sara: I loved them!!! Already craving them again.

T. Taylor Joo said...

and no one can wrap their head around the fact that you've never tried ribs! How?!?!? Were you a vegetarian before?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Not a vegetarian, I just thought they looked really messy. I was intimidated by them!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally envious of your vacation. Looked like you had a great time! ANd ya know, I, for the same reasons, have avoided the consumption of ribs for 30 years, with only one failure. But yes, they're yummy. :)

Heather said...

Who is violet50? Seeing as how I'm on vacation with you and its only our fam...this is spooky. Is there a ghost I don't know about on vaca with us?

Liz said...

You take really great photos (or maybe Instagram just makes your photos look good.)