Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

I can't lie - life has been a little tricky for me lately. I've had a lot on my mind and haven't really felt like writing in ye olde' blog. But I think I'll be coming back to center here shortly. Meanwhile, I can't leave you guys hanging with Wednesday Thoughts! I know exactly what you want: a distraction from your responsibilities for five minutes. Well, I aim to please.

I went back to the Mystery Spot in Irish Hills with my friend again last night. Guess what? Foiled again. And not only that, but the real reason we went back to Irish Hills was to get some good BBQ but sadly, we were denied there too. It was too late and everything was closed. We ended up getting McDonald's and eating it in the backseat of my car while watching the Simpsons movie on my dvd player. So I guess the trip wasn't a total waste. It was worth the hour drive.

The thing that really ticked me off was the happy faces of the people who had just left the Mystery Spot. It's not fair.

Once again, Leo's living a life I can only dream of.

Summer is halfway over (less, really) and I plan on reclaiming my summer personality. I've spent too much of this summer feeling mrrrrrr. "Mrrrrrr" is winter me, not summer me. Sometimes life is just hard though and there's no denying it. Life is confusing and weird and sometimes disappointing. But it's also happy and surprising and joyful. Right? Right. Right right right right right. (It helps to repeat it many times, trust me. Even though it looks crazy.)

Some happy thoughts for the day:

We still have half the summer left! :)
The Tigers are in first place! JV!
Life is full of surprises.
Prayer works. This I know for sure.
I have a vacation coming up.
I have a freezer full of bomb pops.
I have all of you guys.

Happy Wednesday.


Leo said...

I look so happy in this picture... Mrrrr.... mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Ashley said...

i'm sorry, elizabeth. i'm kinda going through a mrrrrrr time, too.

here's to us both cheering up!

Katherine said...

I love your happy thoughts! They make me so happy, too!! So does Prancing Leo leaving the Mystery Hill - always so full of joi de vivre! I'm with you on working on being more glass is half-full - we can help each other! :)

lizzie mc.- said...

Sending feelings from the toddler water park, green mountains in UT (YES GREEN FOR ONCE!) And hugs from TX. Sugar cookies, embossed secret notes, random humor, and salsa!

Liz said...

I just left a comment on another post about Irish hills. I thought I was so cool like I knew about something in Michigan that you didn't know. Foiled again!