Monday, July 18, 2011

Hair Story

One of the most evil things about facebook is how people looooove adding awful pictures from bad hair years. I get it - it's fun to catch up with friends and laugh about how funny we looked back in the day. The only problem is that all my facebook friends can also see those pictures and um, I'm single. You get what I'm saying? I don't need cute boys I'm crushing on seeing that my hair used to look like this. Exactly like this:

Big, frizzy, too blonde (dyed), with short bangs. I am NOT proud of this. But I'm starting to find it amusing. Slightly. Kinda.... Well, I'm getting there.

Yesterday I faced what I hate the most: a cute guy saw my senior picture! I don't know how to explain my hair back then. Does saying "it was the 90's" excuse me at all? Please? And I am not being humble or self deprecating when I say it was bad. It was for real bad.

Do you guys want to see it? Because it's Monday, and we all need a little laugh
 at the beginning of the week, here it is.


Here's another picture of me a year or two later. Thank goodness 1-2 years after this I grew out my bangs and stopped dying my hair. I still highlight it, but my crazy haired days are mostly a thing of the past. (Except in the mornings.)

why i have a fake tatoo at a fake
luau, I have no idea.

Nowadays my hair pretty much take two forms: curly or straight (or something in between, but only by accident). Here are both looks:

(left: no make up last summer, right: Instagram from a few months ago)

Am I going to look back on these pictures years from now and be embarrassed? Probably. What was your worst hair style ever?


Maxabillion J said...

My worst hair ever was when I decided to grow a mullet in high school. But the thing you need to know is that mullets were not "in style" at that time, it was 2002. At that point, just about the only thing I used the internet for was looking at pictures of nappy mullets so I got the great idea of growing a mullet. It was hideous and drove the girls away, but it didn't really matter since I was terrified of girls at that point anyway.

Savd said...

My worst was when I had a boy's haircut. For real. I don't just mean my hair was short. I mean it looked like a boy's haircut. This was in middle school, a time when one does NOT want to mess around with gender roles or identity...needless to say, my long hair has been pretty much a staple fixture ever since!!!

violet50 said...

I never had a beehive hairdo back in the day, thank goodness (you might have to google that one). The thing I regret is that the only hair straighteners we had were clothes irons. There were some unfortunate burns in those days! And no products for too curly hair. I got married despite that. If only he had known! ha

Katherine said...

OooOoOooooh, gorgeous pics of you!!! :) My hair is much like yours - it's curly unless I use a straightener. My worst hair was from middle school (maybe late elementary) until I was about 19. Just never could get it quite right! Dumb bangs in middle school didn't help, either. Thank heavens for flat irons and hair product!! Hair. It keeps us humble!

The Leo said...

I may or may not have had a good chuckle at your senior photo, but on the other hand I cannot believe you look that good without make-up!! It makes me feel no better that the photo was taken last summer. You've officially been put on my "People to Assassinate One-Day" List. Congratulations!

Angela said...

What was I holding? Is it editted out for safety purposes? I think you've always looked great.

Elizabeth Downie said...

You were showing a tattoo on your stomach! Hehe!

And thanks Angela, you're too sweet.

Angela said...

Silly me. What was I thinking? Sheesh. Thanks for censoring my silliness.

T. Taylor Joo said...

I never liked the 80s style, but I think kids say that about the 90s style now. I also recently saw a friend’s facebook post making fun of Ace of Base and had mixed feelings….

Amy said...

When I was in about fourth grade I started choosing my own clothes and doing my own hair. I felt like I was finally getting the chance to be cool and fashionable, but in retrospect the consequences were questionable. At least the polka dot leggings and hot pink sweatshirts are only uncool and embarrassing in retrospect - they were popular styles at the time. But my attempts to pull off side and top ponytails, while awesome in theory (at the time!), were complete disasters in execution. Fortunately, I generally did those on very non-photograph-worthy school days, so there's no documented evidence.

Liz said...

You are so pretty!
I love your senior pic. Are you wearing a YW medallion?
However I really do love your hair these days, especially when it's curly...or straight.