Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

It's so hot and humid. So hot and humid. The cicadas are buzzing loudly which seems to make the air feel even hotter. The cicada buzz is how you know you're in the dog days of summer. Not that I'm complaining. I'll take summer over winter every day. I'm just saying...  it's hot.

All I could think about yesterday was the water park and how much I needed its cooling powers. So I contacted my friend Sarah and asked if she'd meet me after work to head over to the water park with me. She agreed and my life was complete.

First on the agenda was the lazy river. Sarah mentioned that she usually does the mature thing and avoids the part of the river with the over head water dumping/cooling devices, like the buckets below (this is me - I promise I wasn't nude, but it's hard to draw a bathing suit on a stick figure). I couldn't allow maturity today (it's too hot for maturity) so we headed into the fun section of the lazy river:

From there, we scurried over to the water slide. Sarah was a little reluctant but a little positive peer pressure got her on my side (it wasn't that hard to persuade her, really). There were two water slides available - one where you sit on an inner tube and one without. Inner tubes seemed to be the obvious choice, don't you think? I haven't been on a water slide in quite a long time and I forgot about the rush you get as you go around the curves and fear going over the side. As my inner tube slid up the side of curves I was almost positive my short life was coming to an abrupt end:

After that adventure, the wave pool was the last thing on our list. With the temperatures near 100 degrees and the humidity stifling, the pool was packed. I couldn't stop laughing as we swam into the middle of the hoard of people. You couldn't even see the water for the inner tubes covering it! This is an overhead picture an airplane took of us:

the curvy lines are waves, not snakes

In conclusion, day at the water park: success!

What are you doing to survive the heat? 

Happy Wednesday!


Maxabillion J said...

Once again, I love the actual real life photos that you include with your stories. They are the best.

Eloy Trevino said...

I absolutely love the airplane viewl!

lizzie mc.- said...

You're making me miss my summer trips to Water Country USA in Williamsburg, VA. Dad put his back out on the lilly pads and I'll never forget the blonde ape in front of us... poor man had spent all his money on the pass and couldn't afford a Tee.

And just yesterday a friend was over and freaked out about the cicada shell stuck on the porch. She screamed when I said it wasn't alive and then knocked it off. I'll never forget the year of 1,5, 7, 10 year cicadas or whatever that was when we were kids... we could hardly sleep for the noise.

Thanks for the reminders and the slide drawing!

Katherine said...

Oh, MAN, these pictures make me so happy! Especially the one of you on the water slide. SO good! I rode my bike past/through a sprinkler this morning and it made me think of your adventures! Ok, not quite the same, but still felt good! It really is SO ridiculously hot and muggy these days. It's like summer came all at once and brought all of its steamy, sticky friends to the party. At the same time, I'm with you on preferring this to negative temperatures, wind chill, and snow! It's nice to have that perspective! And air conditioning. It's nice to have that, too.

Melanie said...

Awesome pictures, as always. To survive the heat, I have eaten ice cream for breakfast and gone on "night swims" in lake Michigan. Good times! Can the mugginess please end, though? That would be wonderful.

Liz said...

This sounds exactly like Rolling Hills. Please tell me you didn't go there without saying hi to me

violet50 said...

Great descriptions and drawings (plus the one photo)! I could almost feel the wild fear on the water slide and the cold water dumping on my head. The closest I'm going to get to that in real life is the waves in Lake Michigan!

T. Taylor Joo said...

My friend just moved here from Utah, and I felt really bad that I talked him into getting his PhD here as his kids were crying from the heat and humidity, and his wife frustrated from the crying kids.

I say we change the “climate change” back to “global warming.”

Ashley said... the drawings! i also get scared when i get that feeling that i might go over the water slide's edge. yikes!