Friday, October 8, 2010

Would You Rather?

Speak with an English accent for one week...

  • You can't just say "gov'ner" the whole week, or other things Americans think English people say. "Cheerio" is also forbidden. 
  • You have to live your normal life during this week. Work, school, social gatherings... No taking the week off to avoid contact with people.
  • If you are an English person, you have to speak with an American accent. And you can't just say "wuzzup" the whole week, or whatever you think we say.
  • You can't tell anyone why you're doing it.

Cut your hair (or grow it) into a mullet, which you will keep for a week.

  • It has to be an obvious mullet.
  • It can't be a wig. (Unless you're bald.)
  • "Business in the front, party in the back" should be your motto.
  • Once again, you can't tell anyone why you're doing it. 


The she-mullet
The Uncle Jesse

Which do you choose, and why?


Katherine said...

Can you explain to people after the fact why you did it??
I think I might have to go with the mullet. Ech. Maybe. It's just that people might think I'm crazy (-er) if I start speaking with a British accent. Tough decision! If I really owned that mullet, maybe I wouldn't be put in a mental institution...

Brady said...

English Accent! I work with a lot of Brits. Half of them might not even notice.

I'll leave the mullet to others.

Kathy said...

I think I have to go with the accent. The mullet looks like a lot of maintenance. Although, I guess I could just pull it back into a pony tail like the lady on the bottom right of the she-mullet collage.

And the decision has already been made for you. The choice is look absolutely ravishing.

justin said...

English accent.

After much contemplation, I decided there is no way I would be able to pull of the mullet. I'm a very self-conscious person (and rather particular about my hair) so that just wouldn't work. I'm not much of a talker as it is, so I find the English accent much less frightening. The mullet would be constant embarrassment every time you are out in public; I don't think I could survive that. But just because I chose accent does NOT mean that I am going to experiment with it at work ;P

P.S. I just noticed that Kathy and I chose the same thing again. The two of us having a conversation with an English accent would be quite entertaining...

Elizabeth Downie said...

I'd go with mullet because I simply can't do an English accent. Plus, I'd be so embarrassed the whole time. Although, a mullet would be really really embarrassing too. I still think I'd choose it.

Lynne Bell said...

If you can't say cheerio, can you at least say "cheers"? My good Brit friend says cheers well as "brilliant". I think I'd choose the english accent, as it is whenever I hang out with that set of friends I pick it up without really knowing why. You know how it is...whenever you hang out with someone with an accent you just automatically start talking like them. So I think I choose the accent. The mullet would be noticeable no matter what, the accent only when you open your mouth!

Heather said...

The people in my life expect such antics. No one would be shocked that was using a bad fake accent.

The mullet is just bad style. I can't go there. (Again.)

Amy said...

When I was in junior high my best friend and I were at Disneyland and decided it would be funny to walk around the park talking in English accents. We went to some little art display off the beaten path and chatted it up with whatever worker was overseeing the nonexistent visitors, and even made up some back story about how we were both friends in England and had just happened to run into each other here in "the States."

At the time we thought we pulled it off brilliantly. But the memory embarrasses me just a tiny bit now that I know what it's like to be an adult and watch junior high age kids do silly things that they think are clever. Still, it was kind of fun. If I could get over my grownup self-consciousness, I'd do the accent.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Amy, that is so funny. I can totally relate. I was a really embarrassing teenager. And Heather, I want to see your old mullet!!

For those of you who want to do the accent, this clip from Friends might amuse you:

Mike said...

Oh man, these are always so hard. Which do I want more... I think I'm breaking the rules again and going with I'd rather do both!

Sarah said...

Well, I can't do an English accent, but I refuse to style my hair with a 'do that has its own motto. So, I'd have to watch a LOT of Jane Austen movies to practice my Brit-speak!! :)

Melissa C said...

I would totally do the english accent. You say keep the mullet for a week, but really it will take years for me to recover from in terms of getting it to grow out. Also, I already like saying "mobile" in reference to my cell phone like on "Friends". I also don't see a ton of people during the week that don't already think I am weird.

lizzie mc.- said...

1st year Drama my senior year of HS turned into drafting class and construction (which I now regret not participating in, I LOVE WOODWORKING... I think:D) So to kill time and amuse ourselves it was all British all the time. We'd screw it up, and continue it throughout the day in the other classes we had together. What a sincere waste of time, but then again, I suppose some work days aren't much different. We may not get anything done, but if we don't punch in we don't earn anything.

Maxabillion J said...


I've done both for short periods of time, never a week though.

The wonderful thing about a mullet is that it is always a choice. Somebody has to say "Yeah, I want a haircut, but only in the front." British accents are something that just happen, and while I find them terribly amusing, there is nothing wrong with them.

Long live the Kentucky Waterfall!

Bethy{aka}lilsis said...

I am VERY weird about my hair (my mom had me in a bowl cut until I was 12) so I'd have to choose my idea of me sounding British...but really I'd just sound bonkers!
I actually think my Scots "accent" is way better (=

Liz said...

I have a question about the picture of the female mullet, is the woman in the center Sarah Palin? It looks a lot like her with lighter hair color and no glasses.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yes, I think that is Sarah Palin!!! HA!