Monday, October 25, 2010

The Grudge

'Tis the season for scaring ourselves out of our minds, all in the name of Halloween. Haunted houses, haunted hayrides, scary costumes, and of course, scary movies.

Of all the scary movies I've seen (and there aren't many), the one that scares me the most is The Grudge. I abhor this movie. I hate the way that stupid Grudge moves like a spider down the stairs, I hate the way she creeps on people, the way she disguises her voice, the way she's terrifying, etc, etc...

Yet somehow this movie ended up in my possession. I have no idea how. I am 100% sure I did not buy it. The Grudge herself is the most likely culprit, being the evil "person" she is. But I don't have evidence that it was her. My point is, it somehow ended up with my movies years ago. I hid it in a shoe box so I wouldn't have to see it,  but I knew it was there.

A friend of mine who shall remain nameless, but who is Grudge-like in his desire to scare me, insisted on watching this movie with me this Halloween season. I think he thought it would be amusing to see me scared out of my wits. After months and months of him telling me we were going to watch it this fall, I somehow gave in and agreed.

There's no need for me to tell you how the viewing went. I had my eyes closed for at least half the movie. I screamed more than twice. From under the blanket, I would ask, "is the Grudge gone yet?" When my friend left that night, I tried to give him the movie but he wouldn't take it. So this morning I brought it into work and put it on our "free table," where people leave kitchen stuff, books, and whatever else they couldn't sell at their garage sale. Here's a picture I took of it:

I wonder if anyone will take it? Getting home from work today and seeing it on my kitchen table is my worst fear right now. I wouldn't put it past The Grudge to do something like that.

What is the scariest movie you've ever seen? What's one you wouldn't see again?


Amy said...

When I was young, I used to really like scary movies like Poltergeist or Arachnaphobia or The Fog, mostly because they didn't actually scare me. Now as an adult I appreciate that scary movies are supposed to scare you and I want to be scared, but I can't get it to work. Last year I tried watching What Lies Beneath late at night in the dark in my apartment all alone, and nothing. It was really disappointing. Maybe I should try The Grudge. Or The Changeling :).

NOURNME said...

I'm glad Amy is the only one who apparently agrees with me that "What Lies Beneath" is not scary.

Scariest movie is The Exorcist, and I thought I'd never watch it again but I literally just watched an AMC special on it and saw all the scary spots and I survived, not sure I could watch it in it's entirety but maybe next year.

Heather said...

I haven't watched the grudge because you said it was too scary, and i am taking your word for it.I will not watch this movie. I got the heebie jeebies just reading what you wrote about it. I watched part of paranormal activity or whatever that movie is called on netflix and i screamed and have slept with one eye open for weeks now. I had to stop watching unsolved mysteries too. Way to scary, but you have anyinformation on anything seen on that show, i do know to call, 1-800-876-5353. For real.

Mark said...

I used to like scary movies like Halloween or Friday the 13th or lower quality imitations. My favorite scene involved a tree branch loaded with the sharp lids of #10 cans, a guy on a motorcycle, and a mannequin head flying through the air. It was so ridiculous I still think of it when I use an opener on anything larger than a can of soup. I watched a bunch of those movies in the 80’s and lost interest.

The first scary movie I ever saw was Twisted Brain at a sleepover in 7th grade. It featured a science nerd, mean teachers, a paper cutter, and more mannequin heads. Better than any of the gory torture and dismemberment films popular now.

When I was little my babysitter watched Dark Shadows and I had nightmares.

The scariest movie I can think of now would be Twilight, where I'm trapped in a theater with a mob of rabid mormon housewives.

Dan said...

The scariest movie I have ever seen was "Bridget Jones's Diary." Totally freaked me out.

Also, feel free to add me to your blog roll. Thanks.

Katherine said...

Ha! Mark and Dan's scary movies are cracking me up!
I started watching "The Ring" one time, but left early (with you, I think). For me it wasn't so much the scariness, but the darkness/evilness of the movie. I didn't like how I felt when I watched it, so I left! Other than that, I tend to avoid truly scary movies. "The Changeling" doesn't count, because I've seen it so many times and know exactly when to close my eyes, so it doesn't feel as scary (except for that one time when you were looking all of that stuff up about it and it was terrifying). It's still my favorite scary movie, though. That and "Hocus Pocus." Witches come back to life! Virgins lighting candles! Bullies! Terrifying.