Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day. He had heard a false rumor that I was moving away and asked me about it. When I confirmed that it was false, he asked if I would be open to moving away from Michigan at any point. I told him that I might be open to it at some point and asked him where he could see me living. He thought about it and said, "I mean this in a good way - you are very Michigan." He likes Michigan so I took this as a compliment, just to be clear.

Then he made some suggestions for other places I would probably like. But that first line really rung true for me. I am a Michigan girl. But I'll tell you when I love Michigan the most: in the fall. You probably already guessed that though, huh? Here are some pictures I've taken in the last couple weeks. Check them out, and you will be able to understand more why Michigan wins me over in the fall. We always break up in the winter when Michigan breaks my heart and tortures me with it's horrible weather, but by summer I'm back in. And by fall, I'm in love again, having forgotten the heart ache that seems so far away at this point (and yet, is just around the corner).

I hope you enjoyed that. Ok, since Wednesday Thoughts is typically full of random thoughts, I have a few to share with you:

First, remember when I said I could never be a hipster? Well, I was called one the other day just because I was wearing a scarf and holding an iPhone. I don't think that's enough though- do you?

Secondly, you should really check out my friend Sara's blog. She recently moved back to Michigan after living in Boston for awhile and is living the dream in Detroit. She's one of the most creative people I know, and takes amazing pictures. Here's a link to a recent post I particularly enjoyed (link).

And lastly, I had an upsetting dream the other night. Someone in my dream told me I should wax my mustache. In the dream I said, "what are you talking about? I don't have a mustache!" But then someone showed me a mirror and I totally had a girl-stash. It was all blond and longish. It was sick. And it really freaked me out in the dream. I was like, "how long has that been there!? Why I have never noticed it?!" Ever since the dream I keep looking in the mirror, afraid there's something going on that I never noticed before. You would tell me if I had a mustache though, right?

Happy Wednesday. 


Heather said...

That does look gorgeous. We don't get much of those colors in Houston.
And YES..I think wearing a scarf itself is enough to be a hipster. I can't conquer the scarf and I always look and feel like a dork in them!

Katherine said...

YAY! I love the mosaic!! And I agree - you're definitely a Michigan girl. Me, too! It's the best. Especially fall.

Congrats on being called a hipster! But I'm not sure that's enough, either. Maybe if you also had skinny jeans on?

I'm sorry to hear about the 'stache dream. I HATE dreams like that! I would definitely tell you if you had one.

And I love Sara's blog! So creative!!

Mark said...

I am also Michigan boy and Fall is my favorite season too. Winter doesn't break my heart, it gives me hope that the hot icky days of August don't last forever.

Sometimes I dream that a tooth is loose and when I wiggle it, it falls out and others come loose. That's supposed to mean something important, but all I care is in the morning my chompers are still there!

If you had a moustache I might tell you, but only if it tickled.

Melanie said...

I have definitely been told that I'm a Michigan girl and that I have more state pride than any Texan that they've met. (My last boss called me Michigan) I am so incredibly sad that I have not been able to experience fall for 3 years now. That is just too long. Thanks for your photos though!

According to Urban Dictionary you would need skinny jeans, old school sneakers, thick rimmed glasses, and androgynous hair styles to be a true hipster.

Heidi said...

Elizabeth. I had a dream that my teeth were all brown and falling out and I woke up straight TERRIFIED. I brushed my teeth tens times that day and kept checking to make sure they were all still there. Those kinds of dreams are the worst!!

Fei @ The Companion said...

... but were you wearing skinny jeans with a scarf while holding an iphone?

~ Malissa ~ said...

You DEFINITELY are a Michigan girl, minus the stash (not saying that Michigan girls have stashes, I'm just saying that I've never noticed one on you!) I really couldn't picture you living outside of the "American dream" spot! I can definitely see you living in a beach house with your husband and kids out in Luddington, though - that sort of view would pump your blood of writing inspiration!

Your mosaic is amazing, btw - Michigan at its finest! Only, this mosaic really makes me homesick!

Sara said...

Michigan is the best! And thanks for the blog love. Back at you! I often retell funny stories you've written. We had a little "would you rather?" discussion the other week on a evening walk.

Sui Sin Far said...

Thank you for the pictures :)