Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

Since we're only a week and a half away from Halloween, I thought I'd do some follow up from my post "Things I'd like to do this Halloween season" from last week. Mostly because I want to brag that I actually did some of them. Here's an update:

Make some mod podge pumpkins: did it! It really was a Halloween miracle! Here's a picture of it when it was still drying:

Watch the Changeling, Ghost Busters, and one other scary movie: I haven't seen the two listed yet, but I have seen The Skeleton Key, Hocus Pocus, and another which I'll mention later.

Decide who to have a crush on this fall: still figuring that out (wink wink).

Eat candy (Larry) corns: Sooo did it! Bought a jumbo bag. Luckily it's impossible to over eat these things because after about 7 or 8 my stomach starts hurting.

Come up with a good Halloween costume: Not yet. But I've become somewhat of a lameoid (technical term) when it comes to dressing up. I need to work on that for this year. Do you know what you're going to be?

Carve a pumpkin into something unexpected: Oh, did I. Check it out! Can you guess what it is?

Put the past in the past: Success.

Find the movie "Mr. Boogedy": Yes! I watched it on Youtube to start, and a friend found the actual movie and is getting me a copy! Score. In case you follow that link, I recommend watching the Bride of Boogedy too. 80's gold.

Oh, and this wasn't on my list, but for bonus points I also went to a cider mill and baked pumpkin seeds (but not at the same time).

Have you accomplished any of your fall goals?

In the spirit of Halloween, I'll leave you with my favorite non-scary scary video. I've posted it on here once before, but it's that good.

Happy Wednesday!


maren said...

Your pumpkin looks like a stapler. Hope my pumpkin judging skills are accurate. :)

Heather said...

I wasn't smart enough to figure it out, but one of my students saw it up on my computer and said, "why did someone carve a stapler into that pumpkin?"

Elizabeth Downie said...

You are both right! Heather, tell your student I was trying to think out of the box. ;) But don't worry, I'll be carving another pumpkin this weekend and I'm sure it'll be a scary face or a ghost or something like that.

Anonymous said...

I totally didn't see the stapler until looking at the comments (d'oh!!)
For your Halloween costume, I suggest road kill. I have seen it done well before and I guarantee you won't have a twin.

The Nat Nat said...

I thought your pumpkin was a T-Bone steak.

Perhaps it is a stapler dressing as a T-Bone steak for halloween?

Melissa C said...

I thought your pumpkin was Wall-E. Can you tell I watch too many children's films? I like your modge podge pumpkin, very nice, and glad you got to go to a cider mill. We have been to a whopping 4 different ones (3 local and 1 up north, which was more of a farm, but they had cider and donuts), and will make it 5 on Friday. I want to be Alice in Wonderland, but don't feel like shelling out the $$ for the disney one or spending days sewing one that in the end will cost more than the disney one in the first place once time is factored in. I will also need an undershirt as I don't know that it is modest enough, unless I make it myself.

Katherine said...

Oh my gosh, I forgot about that hilarious video!! It is SOOO good! Especially the final sequence with the startled waking up over and over! So good.

I totally did NOT get your pumpkin, but I inhaled a lot of spray paint fumes tonight, so that might have something to do with it... I love it, though! Very original! I have no idea what to be for Halloween, either, but I've got a good selection of wigs from Halloweens past to choose from, so I'm sure I can come up with something. I've been to a cider mill and will go again, and have bought a lot of pumpkins and decorated my apartment, but that's about it. Once I finish this presentation next week, I'm going to Halloween it up right!!!

elliespen said...

I believe you have my stapler.