Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

You know what really puts a damper on your summer vacation? The possibility of finding a body in the water. On Friday night, a plane crashed just a few miles off the shore of the beach on Lake Michigan where we do the majority of our swimming. With the exception of one passenger, the rest have still not been recovered from the lake.

It's very tragic, and I don't mean to make light of it. But it's definitely made swimming a tiny bit creepier. When you can see huge coast guard boats not too far off the shore, it sort of changes the tone of the water frolicking, if you catch my drift.

But other than that, we've been having a great trip. Being around the family inevitably leads to hilarity. My 13 year old cousin said she's never laughed harder in her life than she has on this trip. I'm grateful I have a family I get along with so well. Here's a funny exchange between my 13 year old cousin, Katie, and my nephew James, who's 11:

Katie: "They said if I ask one more stupid question, they're going to throw me off the boat."
James: "If I were you, I'd stop talking."

Tonight a bunch of us went on a guided tour through some smaller inland lakes. We'd stop along the way and the DNR guide would tell us about the area, and answer questions. Usually I love that kind of thing, but these questions were becoming increasingly tedious. At one point, my nephew turned around on the canoe and whispered to me, "as soon as these questions are done, we are out of here. This is getting ridiculous." It only got good when at the end someone raised their hand and asked, "Has anyone ever seen Bigfoot here?" The guide didn't seem to think it was funny, which made it that much funnier.

Ok, I have to wrap this up now. I have a game of Sorry to get back to. I hope you had a good Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

I see the 'HISPANIC FOOD' sign in every grocery store here except for Whole Foods. Why don't they call it Chicano Food?

Katherine said...

Man, that exchange between Katie and James is hilarious! I still like how Polly told Katie that if she had been a pioneer se wouldn't have made it-ha! That canoe/kayak tour was fun, but I agree with James about the length and ridiculous questions. I was ready to move on a get my raspberry smoothie already! But it sure has been a good vacay! Sigh... Oh, and I think the Hispanic food sign is silly. We're so afraid if offending that we've gone maybe too far in the opposite direction!

Liz said...

Did they ever find the rest of the bodies?