Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quick Update

Hey guys! Have you missed me? I've missed you. I'm on vacation on Lake Michigan.

It's been a fun trip so far. This picture is of my nephew responding to something my sister Katherine was saying. He had probably just gotten done accusing me of cheating at Battleship. If I cheated, how come I lost!?

By the way, for those of you who were interested, I did end up getting an iPhone. I feel really clunky using it - like Stanley in the Office when he was trying to get used to his new phone. My thumbs seem too big for this thing (and my thumbs are not big)! But I'm getting used to it. The guy at the store said that Apple offers classes on how to use it. I feel like if you need to take a class to figure out how to use your phone, it might be too complicated. Next thing you know colleges are going to start offering classes on it, then degrees. It's too much. But I bought it anyway. And so far I'm really liking it. Thanks for feedback and ideas you all gave me on my other post.

Anyway, I'll be back with some Wednesday Thoughts tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'll just be here getting more and more freckly and sunburnt by the minute.


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm getting an iphone as soon as I get paid... It can't come soon enough. I'm living with a THIRTY DOLLAR Samsung flip phone. I want to die.

Katherine said...

Man, I love it here! And James was likely being snarky about Battleship. Kids these days. You know what would make this vacay better? If the Koepfles were here. ;)
Oh, Lake Michigan! You wet, expansive vixen, you! Sigh. Did I mention that I love it here?! And yes, I did miss you...uh, even though I am standing a few feet from you as I comment on this...

Jane Austen Addict said...

i love that Katherine said "snarky!" I also love that she referred to Lake Michigan as a wet, expansive vixen. LOL. you Downie girls are cleverer than the rest!

Anonymous said...

You must play Angry Birds in your iPhone - free app and Stanza for some free books.

An admirer from the distance. ;)

Heather said...

It would be better with us koepfle's there. We are living vicariously through you. I'm a downie too and am thinking I need to think of something smart to say now.

There is a varitable cornicoupia of things to do on lake michigan,as long as the group can find some sort of homestasis and pick out a good activity.

Phew. That took a lot out of me.

James get's the snarky-ness from sean. Reminds me of playing uno with you three and some cards mysteriously going missing under all of your legs...hmmm

Heather said...

I mean homeostasis. I can't even pretend to sound smart correctly. Lol

~ Malissa ~ said...

HA HA! That's really funny and probably almost true about the whole iphones and future college classes/degrees. Heck, I would rather take an iphone class than the meteorology class I'm signed up for the Fall. Don't get me wrong, I think it will be a very interesting class....but I don't plan on being the next (insert local weather man's name here).

I'm glad you're enjoying your trip!! I'd be telling the BIGGEST, fattest lie ever if I mentioned that I wasn't the least bit jealous! :-p

Liz said...

I could honestly see colleges offering degrees in iPhone usage. I mean BYU already offers useless degrees, and by that I mean they offer degrees in home and family studies.