Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Thoughts

My weekly jumble of mostly unrelated thoughts.

I went to a doctor on Monday and at the end of the appointment he said, "You're relatively young and in good health...." Was it really necessary to say "relatively"? I can't even remember what he said after that and it may have been important.

In other news, this week my office has been abuzz with snow day fever. The speculation for a snow day today started on Monday. At that point, I still wasn't sure if I wanted it or not (crazy as that sounds) as evidenced by this conversation I had with my co-worker, Ann:

Me: Well, it would be nice but then we'd have so much work to do on Thursday to catch up!
Ann (suspiciously): It sort of sounds like you don't want a snow day. It almost sounds like you're a .... work lover.
Me: Take it back!!

Yesterday as the snow was falling the words "snow day" were on everyone's lips. I was taken over by it too. Ann was getting progressively tense, thinking that by talking about it so much, we were jinxing it. Here is another conversation we had at one point in the day:

Me: So Ann, are you feeling snow day hope yet?
Ann: Yeah, but I've already gone through all the stages and now I'm angry that we're going to have to come in.

When you hear about the possibility of a snow day, it's impossible to get the idea out of your head no matter how hard you try. You know it's dangerous to get your hopes up but you can't shake the idea. You try not to think about how late you'll be able to sleep in, or all the time you'll be able to spend watching the Golden Girls and eating Lucky Charms while working on your FarmVille farm, but it's too late. You've got Snow Day Fever. (SDF) Some people though, like Ann, quickly cycle through the stages in an attempt to not get their hopes up. I think the stages go something like this:

Hope - it's totally going to happen! Snow day!
Fear - what if it doesn't happen? You're setting yourself up for disappointment.
Denial - there's no way we'll get enough snow.
Hope - but we might.
Anger - it'll never happen! Get it out of your head!!
Resignation: if it doesn't happen, I will survive.
Hope - it might happen.
Anger - stop thinking like that. You'll only get hurt.
Hope - I can't help it.

Some people rest on anger just for safety. Especially if they've been hurt by SDF before.

But it happened, we got a snow day today! Here I am at 10:00am lounging in bed, writing in my blog. Try not to hate me too much.

And lastly, in Wednesday thoughts, the votes are in for a possible hair change and it looks like numbers one and three are the winners. Any last opinions? My hair appointment is in a week and a half and I still haven't decided what to do.

Happy Wednesday!


The Lady Girl said...

I love how you wrote the stages of emotion! I'm pretty sure it goes in that exact order too. Where do you live that you get a snow day?


Anonymous said...

LOL I love your blog cuz! I actually like #1 & 2 the best for the hair change :-] I used to LOVE snow day's but now when going to the store ect is my escape I don't like them so much b/c the roads are bad and I am sick of being cooped up! I do love snow day's for my family and friends tho. So don't mistake me as a hater! Have a nice day off. Love you cuz! - Rachel

Christi said...

The 'relatively' comment was out of line. I'd change doctors.
I'm jealous of your snow day. Of course I don't get snow day's even when it snows. I'm not sure how you guys pulled that off!

Katherine said...

I went through all of those stages once last night, then again this morning. It was terrible. Especially because we DIDN'T get a snow day! Phooey. Walking to school this morning on all of the un-shoveled sidewalks made me hate you a little. OK, not HATE, but I certainly grumbled a lot.

Melissa C said...

You are so right about the snow day. The only thing for us is that Ford NEVER has snow days, so I never got them while at work, and Keira already doesn't go to school on Wed, so it was just like a normal day to us, except we had a semi private storytime since no one showed up, and the gym daycare was PACKED for a wed morning since all the moms had to drag all their kids in with them today. I actually don't want one tomorrow- Keira has her valentine's party, and I really don't want her to miss it.

Sarah said...

Snow days - while really one of the best things in the whole wide world - are also a bit stressful. I bounce between thinking I have been given the gift of a day to relax to the max (napping, watching old fave movies, reading magazines, etc.) and thinking I have a whole extra day to get caught up on work and errands and household chores. Which do I choose?!? Being lazy and oh-so-cozy? Or, being productive and oh-so-responsible? So far, I slept in past 10am and then cleaned the bathroom, so I'm trying to balance my day out. :)

Kathy said...

I woke up at 1:30 this morning and debated logging on to see if the schools were closed. But I decided I'd be too ticked to sleep if I didn't get the answer I wanted.

Right now I'm at stage "junk food and old tv show coma". It's been four hours since I got out of bed. Time for a snow day nap. Enjoy the rest of our snow day! YAY!

p.s.- I wonder if Justin slept ok on the floor of Dan's last night?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Val, we're in Michigan. :) And Kathy, Justin said he stayed up all night with Mean Stacey making "flapjacks" for us.

The Boob Nazi said...

Relatively young?!? hahaha how old do you have to be to be considered young?