Sunday, February 21, 2010

And now for the ladies

Since I did a post about what men like, I thought I'd do one for the women too! I know a lot more on this subject, but I also know that not all women like the same things as me. So ladies, feel free to slap me across the face and call me an anti-feminist if you must. Or kick me in the shins and call me a feminist if that's the way you're leaning. Just do it quickly. I bruise easily.

We like going to the bathroom together. It's a secret why we do this, and I'm really not allowed to tell you why (Ok, I'll tell you - we're talking about you).

We like talking about men. Most of these conversations consist of these staples, "I don't understand men," "what was he thinking?," and "he wasn't thinking." Ok, that's not totally true. You'll also hear a lot of "he's so cute" and "he's so sweet" and of course, "has he proposed yet?" (I just threw that in there to scare the guys who are reading.) We love men, we just don't always get them.

We like offering to pay for dinner and being told not to worry about it. No explanation needed on this. Honestly we don't mind paying for dinner. Buuuuuut, if you insist.

We like
shopping. Even if it's just a new pair of socks or a book. I think we're hard wired to shop. I had a friend who shopped all the time when she was stressed. When her brother asked her why, she said, "it's cheaper than therapy." I'm not sure if it actually was cheaper, but I accept her logic.

We like chocolate, and we like it in a major way. I read this quote the other day that I think helps explain why: "eating chocolate affects your brain similarly to falling in love." We like love too, so it makes sense to me.

We like it when you think we're younger than we are. Last night, without being asked, I was charged student ticket price at the movie theater and I almost kissed the 18 year old employee for making such an assumption. Of course, he probably just charges everyone who looks under 50 the student price, but still. I love him.

We like
Jane Austin. Even someone with a heart of stone (like myself) just can't resist Captain Wentworth or Mr. Darcy. {Sigh.} What can I say? We're suckers for Victorian "will they ever really get together?" stories. (Spoiler alert: they do.)

We like
it when you notice we got our hair done. Not noticing is not a major crime. But noticing will get you major brownie points!

We like
babies. I can't apologize for this. I love babies - those little toes and tiny fingers! So for the ladies, here's a trailer for the upcoming movie "Babies" which I really know nothing about. I just know that I suffered a serious case of cuteness overload when I first saw this trailer, and I bet you will too.

I hope it goes without saying that we like much deeper things as well, such as higher education, charity, and successful careers. But those just aren't as entertaining to blog about, so please don't be offended that I left them out.


Katherine said...

Agreed on all counts!! I love the picture of all of those beautiful shoes lined up AND the baby trailer!! Adorable! Oh, the baby with the goat! I think a lot of women also love gossip magazines, fashion magazines, and crafting magazines (Martha, Real Simple, etc). And, to combine two of yours, we love men who love babies!! Especially if they both smell good. :) To go along with your disclaimer, we also love stimulating conversation, CNN, technology (always and forever) and other more "serious" things. These are just the fun ones! ;)

Robert said...

Does technology include alien robots who transform into cars and stuff, Katherine? :)

Baby trailer? really? How did you even know the trailer existed?? Not that I'm complaining cause I like babies and smelling good! Of course!

What's that about Captain Wentworth and Mr. Darcy getting together?? I don't think I want to watch that movie! And definitely not reading Jane Austin books now!

I'm not touching the shopping as therapy idea! Who am I to tell a girl that she doesn't need a pair of shoes that will only require her to buy more clothes so that she has something that matches them?!

Uh oh! I'd better stop!! I think I just heard all the girls just run to the bathroom. That's not a good sign!

The Boob Nazi said...


"You pierce my soul" makes me shiver... And I'm not that cheesy normally.

Elizabeth Downie said...

"You pierce my soul" has the same effect on me. It's one of the best lines ever.

The Boob Nazi said...

When people quote things from Twilight that are "so romantic," I always pull that line out. IT WINS EVERY TIME.

Anonymous said...

girls that like high-heels...wait that is something I like.

An admirer from the distance.

Mark said...

My married male friends tell me that a baby trailer occurs when they forget to change the diapers.

My married female friends tell me that poop-humor is immature.

Robert, I think you're referring to the 38 hour BBC production of "Brokeback Manor".

Elizabeth, I'll always think of you as half my age. When you figure out what color your hair is going to be, post a photo so we can notice.

Heather said...

I like when a guy (i mean jim or course) touches you for no reason, just to touch you. Like your arm or something. Not all weird like, but just to show he's really listening, or just wants to have some contact with you, you know?

Prince Henry in the movie Ever After when he says "Tis your mouth that has me hynotized" sigh...

Kathy said...

Those babies in the beginning of that trailer- hilarious!!! The next time you try to take something off my desk, I'm gonna bite your arm. Consider this your warning.

Mr. Darcy takes my breath away. It's completely ridiculous, and I love it.

Michelle Williams said...

Delighted by this post! Thanks for the babies video I'm stealing it for FB. You'll just have to check out my profile post to find out why!

I loved the good looks of the new Capt. W and the show in general. They did well for a 1 & 1/2 hr version that you have to cut and paste in order to get the important stuff in. I have one bone to pick with it, they changed the ending too much. I mean why change the most important scene and think you can do it better than Jane Austin?? Why?? I love how they did it in the longer/older movie that followed the book closely ( w/ Amanda? Root?, even if Wentworth isn't as handsome!). It really went like this: Capt. W is listening in, while pretending to write a letter to his sister, to a conversation between Ann and his best friend about the constancy of love in men verses women. (The short version put that scene in Lyme and Wentworth doesn't hear it!!!! It is a key scene!) Wentworth hears Ann saying, "I'll claim for my sex.... that of loving longest when... all hope is gone ". In the book & in the longer movie version you don't know he hears that, but you know he could of heard it, you HOPE he heard it.) Wentworth then writes furiously in his letter, gets up and exchanges a look with Ann where he points out a letter for her on the table, then he quits the room. When he is gone she opens the letter and reads the words, "Your words pierce my soul,. I am half agony and half hope. Tell me not that I am too late." In fact you hear the whole letter, which is so very satisfyingly romantic and touching! The tension is exquisite till she finds him, gets rid of Charles, gives him the requested look of love and they kiss on the street!

Sorry...HAD to get that off my chest! c:

We women also love men who aren't threatened by a good love story/movie! I am lucky because my hubby thinks Jane Austin is one of the best story tellers. He reads her books as well as thouroghly enjoys the movies, even buys all the different movie versions of them! LOVE him!

Angela said...

oh my heck. i can't see this post with so many comments relating back to Jane Austen (after all, she IS my Homegirl! I have a tee shirt that even says it!) and not make a comment as well!
I've gotta agree about what's been said about Persuasion. I love Rupert Penry-Jones as Capt. Wentworth, but I also agree that the ending of this most recent adaptation is so inferior to Austen's written word. The exchange and the agony as Wentworth writes the letter and slyly gives it to Anne, and the words he writes, are to die for. The film? It's what I call the Bath marathon and then ends that scene in one of the worst movie kisses ever. ugh! i watched it again a few weeks ago, and before I went to bed had to read the end of the book in order to get the sigh out that was waiting to get out!
I don't know about anyone else... but even though Colin Firth is more attractive than Matthew MacFadyan (sp), I gotta say I prefer Matthew as Darcy. But PS, ya'll there is a super *rar* hottie that has been cast as Darcy for a newer modern version of Pride and Prejudice that is gonna start filming.
But yeah, for sure, women totally love a man that can appreciate and at times emulate the romantic heroes of Regency England. Just sayin!