Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine's Day Giveaway

I've never done a giveaway before. To be honest, I don't even really understand them. But I thought it might be kind of fun to give it a try anyway. See what all the hype's about.

So here's my idea - I would love to send (or give, if you live nearby) one of you a Valentine's Day card and candy. The card will be handmade and personalized, and the candy will be a candy of your choice. This could go to a guy or a woman! (Of course when it comes to dating, I'm interested in men but this giveaway isn't about dating, it's just about spreading the love on Valentine's Day!)

If you are interested in winning, tell me a couple things you love in honor of Valentine's Day! They can be silly or serious. And please include your favorite kind of candy. You have till Sunday night at 10:00, EST. I will announce the winner that night.

If you want to re-gift the candy to your significant other, you can tell me their favorite kind of candy. I'll never know. Maybe I'll even personalize the card for them if you ask nicely although I'm not writing a sappy poem so don't push your luck.

I hope to get the package in the mail to the winner by Tuesday. I hope this interests some of you! Who couldn't use some love on Valentine's Day?


Christi said...

I would like to be entered in the giveaway. Two things I love are: sleeping in and being on vacation. My favorite candy is a KitKat.
Great idea by the way! :)

Katherine said...

Oooh! Can sisters enter, too? I love my sister Elizabeth, and making nice things for my sister Elizabeth, and telling people how nice my sister Elizabeth is... :) I also love Ludington, "Psych," painting, chocolate, and puppies. And my favorite candy is half of a Twix that I have shared with my sister...Elizabeth. ;)

Natalie said...

Yes, what a great giveaway!

I love my husband, Kevin. We've been married for 5 years, had 4 little boys, had our financial highs and lows, and no matter how snotty I am, he just loves me anyway. He gets up early with the boys and lets me sleep in until he has to leave for work. (this is making me sound like a lazy witch, huh? I'm not, okay?) He's unconditionally happy and makes me laugh everyday. And his birthday is tomorrow! Could you really find anyone more deserving?

HE loves reese's peanut butter cups. I would love a handmade card! I'd frame it and put it up every february, because I love you.

Christi said...

So wait, is this like a random drawing, or are you picking the best entry? Because if it's the latter I would like to try a little harder in a new entry.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to clarify that, being knew to the giveaway scene. It will be random. But there might be something extra for best answer too - I haven't decided yet. :)

alecia said...

You would be welcome to personally deliver those valentine candies at my house even on the day as Justin and I always seem to have unenjoyable Vdays. 1st Vday- medical problems, 2nd Vday- postpartum pissed off, 3rd Vday- some unmemorable squabble, 4th Vday- this is where you come in and save the day! I'm am disenchanted with this day. Harumph.

Anything without peanuts, chocolate, sugar, sugar alcohols, or fat. Is that too much to ask? harumph. :)

Sandy said...

I LOVE that I was perusing the comments section of mormonbachelorpad yesterday and saw a comment by you. A collision between blogging life and real life! I also love when you hate on winter. You reassure me that it's not my thin West Coast blood that makes this time of year so miserable, but the fact that Michigan is just way too cold. If I win the giveaway I will be sharing it with Robert (not because I love him, but because he will see that I have candy and make me), and we both love Butterfingers. Happy Valentine's Day!

Heather said...

Let me start of by saying to Kat: Suckup!

If sisters are allowed then I have to say, I love reading (have i mentioned lately how funny and witty your blog is); I love eating cookies (somehow mine never quite taste as wonderful as your's though); I love new clothes (never have been as stylish as you, of course); I completly enjoy spending time with the kids (they are always talking about there Aunt Elizabeth and how much they love her!)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Heather, that's some of the best sucking up I have seen in awhile. lol I love it.

The Boob Nazi said...

I hate Valentine's Day, but I love candy.

Heidi said...

I totally love having fun things to read and comment on! Haha. I love that someone else reads my blogs and talks to me about it :). And I love Valentine's day because there are so many people (not boys) who I completely love to death!!

My fav candy is milk duds!

Anonymous said...

Thing I love in honor of St. Valentine? …and lots of sucking up; other than your great smile, rosy cheeks, and mesmerizing eyes?

 long kisses
 and the smell of perfume

You don’t know my address and well I am anonymous but I wanted to share anyways… and I will take snickers.

From the distance.

Sarah said...

A couple of things I love: Friends on DVD, fleece socks, and travel books. And, to add to the sucking up, a couple of things I love about you: Your willingness to laugh, your impeccable taste in tops/shirts, and your dedication to your friends and family. :) (So, maybe you put my name into the random drawing more than once?). :)

Oh, and my fave size almond joys!

Katherine said...

Have I mentioned lately that you're my hero? And everything I would like to be? You know, I feel like I can fly higher than an eagle...'cause you, Elizabeth, are the wind beneath my wings. (Take THAT, Heedj!)

Anonymous said...

I love dumpster diving for really nice shoe boxes (Ross) and I love eating Ice Cream w/ Elizabeth at some ice cream shop in MI.

My favorite candy is Snickers!

Robert said...

I love that I am only the second guy to comment on here. (Assuming that Anonymous is a guy. lol. And I'm excluding The Boob Nazi since that could go either way but her image says something about hating her for her huge boobs. so...) Anyhow!

I love playing with my nieces and nephews. They are always fun, and a bit of a workout. And in the name of sucking up, I love that Elizabeth would be so good to her friends to offer a card and candy! I'll take my candy in the form of Rolos.

Anonymous said...

I love our prettiness Elizabif. I love stalking your blog I LOL all the time reading it. :-] And I would trip out of a candy shop fo some sweedish fish baby! love ya cuz!

Super Zero said...

i love automation. i love calm. i like soft colors with slight differences. i like soil. i enjoy watching people's eyes (i like to pretend I know what they are thinking). i like light and reflections and refraction.

my favorite kind of candy? i like lots of kinds.. maybe that freshmaker one.. menthos (fruity). :) or sugar daddys

Sara said...

Oh, I love skittles, and reese's pieces, and jolly ranchers, and nestle crunch bars, and the list goes on and on! Fun giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

I don't deservve to win this, but should I be the big winner - I'd like you to redirect my big winning so the original Mr. Anonymous. I think he said he likes Snickers. Since he recently requested your address, I think it only fitting that he step up as a man and provide you with an address so you can indeed enter his name and address twice into this drawing! ;) Good luck on this V-day!

And to Alecia! Come on... being with your lover boy on a crappy V-day has to be better than all of the V-days spent without him earlier on in life - right!? ;)


~ Malissa ~ said...

Ok...I have about 30 min until the contest is over - PRESSURE IS ON!!

1. I LOVE pondering, "When I have my future 'Valentine', we're totally gonna skip the whole dinner and movie V-Day date, or flowers and chocolates and hop it to Disney World! What's a greater way to spend a special holiday with someone you lurve?"

2. I LOVE your blog! Cracks me up - Joey Gladstone style!

3. I LOVE jet skiing, tubing, boating, fishing, LUDDINGTON....anything that has to do with water (even though I can't swim!!)

4. I LOVE Asians - wish I was one!

5. I LOVE window shopping...looking at and trying on things I can't afford - but somehow, I always end up satisfying myself with a cookie or a mall-baked preztel instead.

6. I LOVE kids - life would be plain boring without them (who else would let you get away with running around making funny noises and enjoying it?!) "Psh, you think I ENJOY watching Sesame Street? Umm...umm...I'm being forced to watch this episode...she can't watch it all by herself!! Yeah...that's right!"

7. I also LOVE having a friend like you!! :-D Who else would watch hours and hours of Lost with me, put up with me on a road trip to LUDDINGTON, let me "try" to marry into the family, let me be a part of the family, let me share my secrets, make the greatest puppy chow and cookies...dang, if we weren't friends, my life would be pretty boring!

Speaking of puppy chow, I would take THAT over candy!! :-D