Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

As summer fades into fall and fall fades into w*nter, I'm getting more and more pale. I guess over the summer months I forgot I'm part albino. Do any of you fake bake in the winter? I never have because of, you know, cancer. But I wonder if once or twice would hurt?

I had an extremely stressful experience at the herstyler stand at the mall over the weekend. It involved:

1) Getting bullied into a buying (what turned out to be) a (n) (amazing) flat iron.*
2) Getting bullied into giving the sales guy my phone number after paying for the flat iron.

Our conversation went like this:

Him: Can I have your number?
Me: You already made the sale, you can stop flattering me now.
Him: No, I really like you.
Me: (putting my wallet away) I don't think you do. (This had nothing to do with low self esteem but rather, the fact that he had been showering me with insincere flattery for the past half hour in order to make the sale.)
Him: I really do. Are you busy tomorrow night?
Me: Yes.
Him: Please give me your number.

At this point I gave him my number for two reasons - one, I never thought he'd call, and two, I wanted to leave. Since then, I've gotten a call almost every day from the same local number but the person hasn't left a message. Is it him? Should I call him back? I have no desire to go out with that guy, don't get me wrong. It's just curiousity. If it is him calling, I'm pretty sure he's just doing it to call my bluff. He's relentless.

Moving on, in other Wednesday Thoughts, what do you think of Christmas music starting on the radio after Halloween?

And lastly, today's 11/11, make a wish.

Happy Wednesday.

*Stop judging me for caving. He gave me an amazing deal, and what can I say - I have weak sales resistance.


Kathy said...

Those guys are ridiculous. Just like the Dead Sea Lotion guys. But at least you leave with a compliment under your belt (even if it's fake)?

The last time I was harassed by the flat iron people, I decided that the next time I go to the mall, I'll make sure that I haven't washed my hair in three days. That should stop 'em in their tracks. :)

Mark Bowman said...

It must be different for women. The only time I get compliments from "sales" people, the entire transaction involves a "date". I must be going to the wrong kind of mall.

Does your new admirer always call at the same time of day? That's probably when he's on break, hanging out at the food court, chatting up the girls from the Disney store. That's your window of opportunity to return to the kiosk and leave him Katherine's number.

If relentlessness works, let me know. I also have your phone number and lots of free time.

Sarah said...

I say go out with him...for dinner...or a movie...and let him open doors for you, buy popcorn or a dessert for you, and generally treat you like a princess. It's a win-win. :) If nothing else, you'll get a great story out of it!!

Katherine said...

HEY! Mark!! I can't believe you'd suggest that. Besides, they took the Disney Store out of our mall, so... Yeah, that wasn't the best come back. But STILL!

E, I won't judge you, as long as you give me your old flat iron. ;) JK! I think from my time served as salesperson at J Crew I learned the tricks to avoid the salespeople at the kiosks. It involved a combo of the Stink Eye and the Jimmy Legs.

Lastly, I think starting Christmas music the day after Halloween is overkill. Thanksgiving week is early enough! I get burnt out on it when it starts so early!!

Anonymous said...

Why Mark, I do declare, I think that was a definate pickup on Elizabeth.
Did you read that Elizabeth, Mark will start calling if you'd like. :) What did Stamper used to call that? Free Lovin?!

As far as christmas... get this... I went to the Doctor in mid October and was SHOCKED to see a HUGE Christmas tree in their lobby. It was decorated with lots of pink ribbons, but still it couldn't hide it's out of season Christmas tree self.

Elisabeth (Bailey) J

Sara said...

I totally caved into the dead sea people (I think) last year. Who ever it was, I bought this kit to polish my nails. It actually works very well but I've only used it twice!

Kwo Ling said...

I have a is pretty amazing. I thought of you when they asked if I could think of anyone else. But, they're still annoying and pushy. But, I went back this year to get one for my aunt and they gave it to me for less just because I said I got it from them before. ...I got wedding presents from the dead sea people also. But, it's annoying. I was okay with buying something, but they're still really pushy.

I say answer the call and tell him he has the wrong number...or something like "please stop calling."

Kristin M. Bates said...

lol, I am laughing that he still calls. So, I totally cave and fake bake a few times in the depths of february when summer feels like it will never return. The funny thing is, I mostly do it because it makes me happy. Seasonal depression (because of never ending winter) gives me really bad blues in late winter, and feeling really warm in the midst of the extreme cold and a little dose of sunshine (artificial even) makes me want to skip when I leave. So.. yeah... cancer is bad. But a little is okay. right?

David and Linda said...

1. If you do fake bake, don't count Mississipily.
2. Don't call him.
3. Ixnay on the usicmay.