Monday, November 16, 2009

Frankenstein nightmare!

Out of all the monsters in horror movies, Frankenstein has always seemed to me to be the least scary. He's slow, dimwitted, and grunts a lot. Yet last night I had a nightmare that I was being chased by Frankenstein and it was terrifying! It was the kind of nightmare you wake up from and you're afraid to move lest he realizes your awake and gets you.

I know it's crazy. I mean, the extended arms, the grunting, the stiff movements...they don't seem scary until you see them in real life. Real dream life, that is. Until Frankenstein is actually chasing you. It's much worse than I imagined it would be. I'll never forgot those bolts.

What's with dreams? Why Frankenstein? Is it because I was talking about Frankenmuth so much yesterday?


Kwo Ling said...

So, I don't know about the movie but I think Dr Frankenstein's monster is scary because 1)he was made from dead parts and 2)he's trying to kill everyone that Dr Frankenstein loves until said doctor makes him a companion.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Oh great, now I'm even more scared of him. lol

Lady Baillio said...

He stands for self-created monsters in one's life. Those out of control emotions or attitudes or opinions that require containment.

Katherine said...

I think it's from watching the trailer for "Firelight" too many times. If Frankenstein caught you, he'd only strangle accident.

Sarah said...

I thought that Firelight skit was hilarious!! :)

If it helps, my family refers to Frankenmuth as Frantommuth...much less scary! :)

Angela said...

LOL I was thinking it must be because of Firelight, too. I thought that that was mostly lame, but Taylor was so hilarious. I especially loved her musical monologue. hahaha. Have you watched her CMT opening skit, "but... it's my DREAM?" oh my hilarious.
i like how my comments went from Frankenstein to Taylor Swift in like 2 seconds.