Friday, November 20, 2009

Cheer up, Murray

This week I needed a bit of cheering up from time to time. As I previously mentioned, I was sick which kind of got me down. But as if that wasn't hard enough, last night one of my shows was preempted for a medical infomercial (trust me, I wrote a strongly worded e-mail to the tv station about this one), and now this morning I'm too hot with my sweater on and too cold with it off.

Life's a bear, as my friend Emily would say.

(And yes, I do realize those complaints got progressively more stupid as they went.)

To get me through the week, I've been listening to this song a lot to cheer me up.

I really hope someone makes me a cake in the shape of a four and a three when I turn 33, like Murray got in this song. And I'm sorry about all the complaints in this post. It's Friday, a happy day. Yes, I did back into the garbage cans on accident this morning, but the day is looking up. And the weekend is almost upon us! Onward and upward!

(I didn't know how to end this post so I got overly enthusiastic. Let's just move on.)


Katherine said...

The cupcake at the top of this post makes me sad! Don't worry, I won't let anyone take a bite out of your "4-3" cake before you get to blow out your candles. And sorry about the garbage cans...oof. If it cheers you up any, my word verification is "clobbles" - clobbles!! That's a great non-word that I might make into a real word.

Sarah said...

This week was designed to make you even more overcome with excitement at what tonight has in store!! :)

Young said...

Sounds like some guilty pleasure entertainment is just what you need (referring to New Moon of course!). Hope your weekend is MUCH better than your week has been.

My verification word is prime. so many ways to use that...

D said...

SOrry- young is my young women account... it's really D.