Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

How do you feel about "whole nother" verses "whole other" (or is it "another whole?")? You would think as someone with a degree in English it would annoy me when people say "whole nother" but it actually intrigues me.

Who here's going to participate in No Shave November? Ladies? Guys? I love to see a guy with a good (well kempt) beard in the winter. Speaking of winter, I saw some snow flakes on my way to work this morning! It was magical.

I got too scared to finish The Changeling the night before Halloween when I watched it with Katherine. I've seen that movie one million times (to be precise) yet this time I couldn't finish it because I was too scared. What in the world!? I think I need to watch it with a big strong guy next time. Yeah, that's it...

I'm not ready for winter. I like the snow, but I hate the cold. I think I need to plan a vacation to someplace warm to get away to when the cold and gray get to be too much. Where's a good warm place to visit that's not too expensive?

Happy Wednesday.


Kathy said...

I'm definitely guilty of using "whole nother" without even thinking twice about proper English. But I refuse to say "ain't", so I think it's ok.

I have been looking for ways to "grow more bestial, brutish, and manly". I guess that means I'm in for No Shave November.

justin said...

Kathy you lie. I heard you say "it ain't nothin' but a gangsta party" the other day.

Sarah said...

Is "whole 'nother" a contraction of "whole another"?? Seems weird, right? :)

And I'm actually excited for snow and twinkly lights and the holidays and songs we only hear at this time of the year. Maybe because I have a warm weather getaway scheduled, so it doesn't seem too endless. Florida in November is a great break! So is Colorado in December/January...I mean, it's cold, but SUNNY!

Other cheap warm weather getaways are cruises...sometimes, they are so cheap it blows my mind. I mean, you'd have to fly to Orlando/Miami or something, but even flights are sometimes ridiculously low. :)

David and Linda said...

I think "whole nother" started with "another whole" eg. "He ate another whole pig." But it got juxtaposed to "whole nother pig". People heard it and thought that it didn't sound quite right but just shrugged and started wondering how somebody could eat two whole pigs.
As for a warm inexpensive place to stay, you might want to consider the Johnson B & B in Georgia.

Amy said...

I saw snowflakes this morning too, but "magical" was not the word that came to mind... Sorry :)

Katherine said...

Oooh, E! Mom's on to something there with the Johnson B & B...we may need to look into that. I do wonder how someone could eat a whole 'nother pig, too - ew! I'll admit that "whole 'nother" really does bug me. I should be "another whole" or "whole other!" But I'm a nerd, AND a snob, so what're you gonna do?

Young said...

You can come here and stay with us for free. We don't have a guest room but we do have a futon in the kitchen. :) It's been in the 80s here.

I love how the English language evolves- though there are a few things that should just evolve right back on out of the language. "Whole Nother" doesn't bother me in speech.