Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm not feeling very funny lately and therefore haven't been very inspired to write in my blog as often as usual. I blame my non funny-ness on what I've dubbed "Mope-vember." Those of you in the northern wet states know what I mean - the short, dark, rainy, gray days are upon us. I've been trying to find comfort in the wise words of Axl Rose, who said, "nothin' lasts forever; Even cold November rain." (Side note, if you haven't seen that video in a long time, I would highly recommend clicking on that link - it's even more ludicrous and over dramatic than I remembered.)

To cheer myself up the other night, I saw New Moon with some friends. People assume that if you see New Moon on opening night you must be a total fanatic but that's not always the case. I only screamed once and I blame it on mob mentality. The movie was good. I know I'm supposed to be embarrassed that I saw it and liked it, but there's no point lying to you guys.

Here's something else that cheered me up over the weekend: pickle flavored popcorn! I was in Frankenmuth with some friends on Saturday and we came upon an amazing popcorn store. My friend Martha, knowing I love pickles, called me into the store to tell me about the pickle popcorn. It was so much better than I imagined. I bought two bags and brought one of the bags to a potluck Sunday night. It was very amusing to watch peoples faces as they tasted it for the first time. The word "vomit" was used more than once, but only by the mentally insane (no offense, Erin).

Ok, this post is really starting to look like Wednesday Thoughts. There is clearly no theme besides being mopey, knowing too many Guns N' Roses songs, and my love of both Twilight and all things pickle flavored.

See you tomorrow. Happy Tuesday.


Heather said...

I tell you a few things that might cheer up this dreary month/day.
1.Ethan has decided that he like to lick those who least expect it, so keep on your toes next time you see him.
2.Everytime i look at pictures now with Samantha she calls you and Kat "Mom".
3.I am currently looking out at the patio and all i can see are some guys legs hanging down.
4. I ate one of the cookies you made and i LOVE them! Yummy
5. Last but not least, Samantha is dancing around and singing with Woody

Anonymous said...

I feel like moping today too, but that's because I'm leaving in 2 days and Adam just came down w/ the flu 60 min ago so I need to care for him AND get the kids and my suitcases packed. Oy

Kathy said...

Pickled flavored popcorn sounds AMAZING! Two of the best snacks combined- it's genius!

You just reminded me that I recently made the decision to pop in a Guns n' Roses CD in my car. I forgot that November Rain is almost 9 minutes long. It's maddening that it won't end....

Katherine said...

Isn't that picture of the girl crying from American Idol when Sanjaya (I have no idea if that's how you spell his name) was on? Why do I know that?

Just think about the Black Friday savings you're going to get only days the gingerbread houses, plus the turkey and yumminess, plus the parade, plus ME being home...and all of the other Novermbery goodness. If all else fails, we'll get dome S.A.D. visors, Northern Exposure-style.

Katherine said...

You are also allowed to laugh at the fact that I wrote "Novermbery" up there...woops!

Katherine said...

P.S. LOVE the 30 Rock and Parks & Rec quotes!!!

Sarah said...

Blaming the New Moon excitement on mob mentality is a good one...I'll stick to that, too! :)

David and Linda said...

Isn't there a Winnie the Pooh holiday on November 13th?

David and Linda said...

Katherine informs me that November is porcupine day. So that is definitely something to celebrate! And turkey! Love it.