Friday, October 30, 2009

These are a few of my...

Scariest things:
  • Movie: The Changeling
  • TV character: The Smoke Monster
  • Article of clothing: Tie between the ascot and the dickie
  • TV show: Gossip Girl (I've never actually seen it, but it looks terrifying.)
  • Personality trait: The One-Upper!
  • Sound effect in a scary movie: Child's music box
  • Thing to see in the dark: a lady ghost
  • TV show commercial: Medium
  • Politician: Kwame Kilpatrick (ok, maybe he's not the scariest - by far - but he's been on the news a lot again lately and what he says scares me.)
  • Fact about me: I know 2/3 of the Jonas Brother's names
  • parody: scary Mary Poppins
  • Time of day: dawn
What are some of your scariest things?

A clip about the Changeling:


Katherine said...

Hilarious and terrifying!!! (Jo Bros/Dawn/Gossip Girl...ha!) Scary Mary really scares me, as does the dickie. The child's music box is possibly one of the scariest things of all time.
Other things that scare me: feet, hot chocolate that's too hot, dating. ;)

Sarah said...

My "scariest" list.. :)
Movie - Don't watch 'em, I'm too scared!
TV Character - Any lady with lips too big for her face
Clothing - The hood
TV Show - For a second I thought you wrote "Gilmore Girls!" HAHAHA! Mine would be Judge Judy
Personality Trait - Stalker
Sound effect - muffled footsteps
Things in the dark - glowing orb
Commercial - the preview for "Paranormal Activity"
Politician - North Korea's Kim Jong iL
Thing about me - my kitchen skills
Scariest parody - Any remake of classic '80s songs
Time of day - when I wake up without cause in the middle of the night, of course!

David and Linda said...

The scariest movies are The Sixth Sense, The Others, What Lies Beneath, and The Changling: all movies which I refused to see but which Elizabeth has told me so much about that I might as well have been terrified along with her when she saw them.
The scariest was the Twilight Zone. And the scariest thing to see in the dark is anything that shouldn't be there.

Ben said...

What about claymation?!?!

Elizabeth Downie said...

How could I have forgotten claymation!? Good point!! And optical illusions...terrifying.

Liz said...

A new thing that I find scary is the tv show American Horror Story. DO NOT watch this show it is terrifying. I only watched like 30 min of one episode and I've been having nightmares.