Monday, October 26, 2009

Thoughts from this weekend

It was an interesting weekend. It came with the good and the bad. Here are some thoughts from this weekend (as with Wednesday Thoughts, these thoughts are unrelated):

1.) Starbursts should not be trusted. I bit into one yesterday and its sharp edge made a huge cut in my tongue. My tongue is all swollen now and it's nearly impossible to talk normally! I don't blame you for laughing - it's ridiculous.

2.) Whenever I talk to my married friends about having a crush on a guy or wondering if he likes me, they always get nostalgic and say they miss those days of "not knowing" at the beginning of a relationship. I suspect that they're not remembering the insecurity, self doubt, and confusion clearly. But I could be wrong. Maybe some people enjoy those feelings.

3.) I am easily scared when it comes to ghost stories. At my Halloween party on Friday, my friend Adam told me some scary stories and I could hardly sleep that night. I am turning into a serious light weight as I get older.

4.) I really need to step it up when it comes to costumes. I never give my Halloween costumes 100%. Are any of you going all out this year? I still have six days to come up with something awesome.

5.) I went to a Halloween concert last night where the whole orchestra was in costumes. A ton of the guys dressed as women, which caught me off guard (why wear heals if you don't have to!?). One section of the orchestra went as Tetris pieces, which I loved. It was fun to see the group costumes (others included the Scooby gang, secret service with Obama, mimes and many others). Have you ever been part of a group costume? I only have once and it was as Earth, Wind, and Fire. We dressed as the elements, not the band. People didn't get it.

So there you have it - a few thoughts from this weekend. Now it's Monday and I've been informed that some toxic waste is being removed nearby. I had no idea there was toxic waste on this block but it does explain my third eye.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Christi said...

Maybe it's because I haven't been married that long, but I don't miss the days of not knowing AT ALL!

Katherine said...

I think that people who miss those "early days of not knowing" have deluded themselves that it was a magical time rather than what it really is, which is painful, sometimes embarrassing, and awkward beyond all knowable realms of awkwardness. No offense...

I'm sorry about the Starburst incident! (I just accidentally wrote "Starbust," which is sort of what it was.) I love Starburst and it hurts me that they hurt you.

I hate to say it, but I think you might be turning into a light weight. I feel that I can say that to you because I might be, too. I'm fairly sure that the ghost of a child haunts my building and runs around above my apartment at night. And no, I don't think it's just a kid living above me. Kids don't sound as spooky.
I'm with you on the costume thing. No time to plan something awesome, so it may be another "which wig do I wear and how can I accessorize with what I already have?" deal. Also, I did love the Earth, Wind, and Fire costume, even if people didn't get it. ;)

D said...

I think once you know the not knowing just becomes something to laugh about just like most painful embarrassing moments- given time they are usually pretty funny. Not really something to miss but an enjoyable memory since all the insecurity was really unnecessary.

Once in college my roomates and I dressed up as the Three amigos, invisible swordsman and the singing bush. Our three amigo costumes were pretty cool. We got black jackets at DI and hot glue gunned cool swirly shapes cut out of aluminum foil on them. Then we wore white button down shirts, some red fabric sashes, and black pants. People kept asking us where we got our costumes. :)

David and Linda said...

I think you should go as a box of Teamocil.

Kwo Ling said...

I like passing out candy, but I have to dress up for the school parade. I'm pulling out my fairy wings, cutting up my orange tights for sleeves and wearing an "I'm believe in fairies" shirt and greenery skirt...

Wanting to go back to the crushing stage of relationships is like wanting to go back to high school.

Erin said...

While I try to remain positive and upbeat for the sake of singles ward morale, for the record, I never, ever look back fondly on the "dating experience".