Sunday, October 18, 2009

Top costumes

According to this article I read, these are some of the costumes that will be most used this Halloween. Which do you think would be the most fun to dress up as?

The Swine Flu
Joe Wilson
Lady Gaga
Kanye West and Taylor Swift


Lady Baillio said...

I want to go as susan boyle

Sarah said...

I'd go as Lady Gaga...I think Halloween is a time to dress in a manner that would otherwise be totally unsuitable, and in this case, I dress a little too much like Susan Boyle in my real life (sigh, it's true...), and might look a bit too much like Taylor Swift (or, I wish), but Lady Gaga has a whole heap of wardrobe choices I'd never dream of wearing on a regular day. :)

Katherine said...

How are you supposed to dress up as the balloon boy? Walk from house to house carrying a huge silver UFO balloon? Or are you supposed to float from house to house in the balloon? Or maybe send the balloon on ahead to each house and stay at home in a box in the attic? Seems to take some of the fun out of trick-or-treating.

I'm with Sarah - it's more fun to dress up as something outlandish that you wouldn't normally wear. Since I routinely wear thigh-boots, sequined dresses, rapper sunglasses and have frizzy curly hair, that knocks off the bottom half of your list. The Swine Flu it is!