Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Thoughts

I just got back from a walk with The. Most. Stubborn. Dog. (Some of you know her as Daisy.) On our walk through the park, Daisy fell in love with someone - a human who was walking her dogs. She (Daisy) refused to walk past this woman, and insisted on walking with her the rest of the way. Luckily the lady was cool and thought it was funny. And even more luckily, we were near the end of the trail when Daisy decided she would walk no more than five paces away from her new best friend. It was still slightly ridiculous though.

I am so glad it's Wednesday. Partly because that means Modern Family is on tonight! If you guys haven't seen this show yet, you should check it out! It's hilarious.

In other thoughts, it's almost November. Am I the only one who is shocked by this? When I was a teenager my uncle told me that time goes faster and faster the older you get. He was right!

So anyway, I decided that I'm going to be Medusa for Halloween. I bought some little snakes to put in my hair, and I know how to do my makeup, but what should I wear? I have no idea. And I only have till Friday to figure it out. Any suggestions are welcome!

Happy Wednesday.


Lady Baillio said...

I am of the camp that Medusa was beautiful; striking and lovely and this is what scared men. She had power, brains and beauty. So go decked out as a bombshell with the snakes! That's my advice.

Katherine said...

Hee! I like Angela's idea. I can't believe that my semester's almost half over! Hallelujah! I still haven't decided what to be for Halloween, and have thought of going as a frazzled college student, but then realized I'd actually then be dressed up as "Person with no imagination," so nixed the idea. I'll come up with something. ;)

Sarah said...

You get to be creative in figuring out what Medusa would wear because in every sculpture/painting I saw of her in Italy, she was...ahem...topless. :)

I voted "not sure" about dressing up. I'd really like to, but most costumes that come to mind make me think I'd be's hard to come up with something fun and clever and that doesn't create a silhouette of a sleeping bag. :)