Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thanks, anyway!

Last night two of my good friends, Kristin and Abram, came over with their adorable kids and the gift of a delicious cake. I hadn't seen them since they moved back to Michigan so I was really excited about it. We had a great visit; we laughed, talked about the Obama rally, and caught up. After they left I dug into the cake they brought over. It was so good! I even snuck a quick piece of it today when I got home from work before meeting Sarah to work out! (I hope it balanced out.)

Tonight I ran into Abram at a meeting and thanked him again for the cake and told him it was delicious. To which he said, "I know! I was so mad when Kristin gave it to you! I was like, 'Are you serious!? We need that cake!'"

When I got home, I saw there was one piece left so I ate it. It was gooooooooood. Guess you'll never know just how good it was, Abram! Thanks Kristin! (Now I know who it was really from!)

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Kristin said...

I didn't realize I didn't have you on my reader and was I ever pleased this morning to see just how many funny posts I have to catch up on. But now I feel like a big dummy that I didn't even get to comment on the Boston Cream Pie post! Anyway, you're welcome. I've found my work outs are much more enjoyable after a slice of that baby.

p.s. I've been adding to all my emails today saying, "you should really check out Elizabeth's blog, it's real real funny."