Wednesday, June 11, 2008

4 * 8 * 15 * 16 * 23 * 42

I'm going through Lost withdrawals. One of my friends from work recently borrowed season 1 from me and we've been discussing it. She decided she's not going to go on with the series, so I felt like I could answer all of her questions without spoiling anything for her. However, it was surprising to her how many questions I still couldn't answer! (What's up with the numbers!? What is the loud blast and the smoke monster?) It made me realize (once again) that there are still a lot of things I really want answers to. I'm going to put some of my questions on here, but I have to warn you that if you don't watch Lost these are going to sound really ridiculous. My friend Kathy and I always discuss Lost at work the day after it airs, and poor Justin has to listen to us say things like, "why didn't the smoke monster kill those guys?" and "Did Ben travel through time last night?" and other such crazy sounding things. Anyway, here are some questions that they really have to answer a.s.a.p before I lose it. Maybe some of you already know the answers - it's easy to miss something on this show. If you do, please let me know.

1) Who is Richard? What organization is he part of? And why is he so good looking?
2) What is the smoke monster? And why hasn't it been nominated for an Emmy yet?
3) Where is the island (at the end of season 4)!?!?!? And what's up with time on the island in general!?
4) Where does Widmore play into everything?
5) Who/what is Dharma?
6) Why are the bad guys so hot!? (Sawyer, Keamy RIP Keamy....I'm still not over that.)
7) Who is Jacob? And when did Christian Shepherd start working for him? And for that matter, Claire!? Is Claire deceased?
8) Also, it's not that important (or is it?) but what's up with the Black Rock? How did it get where it is? And is it significant?
9) The numbers....where do I even begin with that...
10) Why did Widmore fake the discovery of flight 815 in the ocean!?

I think I'll leave it at those for now. Let me know if I forgot any.


Katherine said...

I'm wondering if it was orchestrated that all of the people who ended up on the island were meant to be there. Was there some puppeteer getting all of them on that plane? Was it Ben? (I miss calling him Fenry sometimes.) Curiouser and curiouser... Nice links, by the bye. I like the one of Sawyer...but where's my boyfriend Mr. Eko?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Eko is in the one with the smoke monster! Good question, by the way.

Katherine said...

Oh, yeah...ahhh, Eko. Sigh. And I like the Claire link - HA! Funny stuff!

opticwalrus said...

You think Richard is good-looking? I didn't know that chicks dig guys with tons of eyeliner.

P.S. - Speaking of gender roles, I think it's funny that you wrote a post about a pretty macho show and I wrote about Gilmore Girls.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Richard wears eyeliner? Hmmm...I guess he's so masculine in other ways that I didn't even remember that. But you're right, normally I do not like eyeliner on men. ;)

PS, I loved your post about Gilmore Girls - it was great.

~ Malissa ~ said...

Your links are awesome! And Keamy...Mmmm...I can't believe I have to wait 18-months to even meet that hotty (think he'll wait for me in white? ;-) I TOTALLY agree with the black smoke and his/its award - at the least it deserves best supporting role in the drama of the century! Kat's theory sounds logical - there HAS to be at least one person/(non-human being?)behind the organization of the Lostees. I don't think it's Fenry - I think there's someone that planned him becoming a leader on the island...whatever happened to his 8-year old girly friend?

Elizabeth Downie said...

I think he killed the girlfriend when he killed everyone at the Dharma commune. :(

Amy said...

Sorry, I still don't quite understand the whole Keamy thing. His evilness kind of outweighs any possibility of hotness from my perspective. But Richard on the other hand...I think the eyeliner just brings out his eyes :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yeah, I have a real thing for Keamy. I think it's a problem. My co-worker called him a murdering machine the other day. Hmmm, maybe I need help ;) No, if I knew someone like that in real life, I would never be interested in him, so I think I'll be ok. The rules are somehow different in the land of Lost though!

Kristin said...

Oh Lost. You drive me crazy.

Here's what I want. After the whole show is over, I want someone to put the entire thing in chronological order. You think they'll do it for me? No. And I'll tell you why. Because there is no way in wide world that they are going to answer all the questions and by putting it in chronological order, everyone will see what a farce the whole thing is. ARGH. I don't like being strung along. Jerks.