Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fortune cookie update

I'm sure many of you (the millions and millions of people who read my blog daily ;)) were wondering if my fortune cookie came true yesterday. That is, if I got some exciting news. Well, I did. The news came from two of my friends, and it was about my bike. First, Emily told me that my bike is fixable, and second, Vaughn told me that he can fix the brakes (maybe). Emily worked on my bike all afternoon. I attempted to help but I think I got in the way mostly. I was amazed at this girl's skillz! She came over equipped with a tool box and a bunch of other bike-fixing-thingamajigs (told you I was helpful).

Later in the evening, I got to hang out with some friends at the Ann Arbor summer festival. It was a great time and the last time we'll see Brian for awhile since he'll be off traveling the world for a couple months. Below are some pictures of the good times. The picture on the left is Amy and Brian, and the others are of Katherine, Joe, Vaughn, and me. Nichole was there too, but she came after I put my camera away. :( One of the highlights of the evening was when Brian pointed out someone he knows who is often referred to as "Mr. Yummy." None of us found him particularly yummy, but to each his own. (Brian didn't say he thought the guy was yummy, just that he'd heard other people say that about him.)

On a different note, today is Father's Day! I just have to take a second to say that I have a really great dad! He's always been a wonderful example to us and is a great person. We all love him very much.


Emily said...

I'm pretty excited. Not only did I get to fix a bike, but I made your blog. We should definitely go for a ride sometime.

Brady said...

So, whatever you all did in those pictures looked really fun. Is that the festival thingie you were talking about?

Elizabeth Downie said...

Yeah, that's the festival! It was sort of an impromtu thing last night. Anyhoo, you should come with us for the helio thing I was telling you about today! I think it'll be really cool.

Katherine said...

In the picture of you, me, and Vaughn, we look like Dominos about to tip over. Or is it just me?