Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cuteness overload

I saw some really cute babies this week. They were so cute, in fact, I felt compelled to blog about them to share their cuteness with the world. (And by world, I mean the three people who look at my blog.) The first cute baby I have to brag about is my baby niece, Samantha. Katherine put her in a shoebox this week and it was beyond adorable. What, you think I'm exaggerating? I'm so not. To prove it, here's a picture:

The other cute baby I saw is little Ruthie, Justin and Alecia's baby. I haven't seen her in person in several months. I have been keeping up with her on her parent's blog, but she's even cuter in person! Ready to say, "aaaawwww"!? Here's a picture of Janice holding her:

Told you they were cute!


alecia said...

Oh, that shoe box picture is so cute. Unfortunately, I think Ruthie has already outgrown shoe boxes.

Two reasons why you're my favorite, Elizabeth: 1) you blogged about my daughter 2) you HAD to calculate out how many weeks old you are.

T minus 4 days to tribond showdown!

Emily said...

Those are some darn cute babies. My little niece, Brooklyn, and Samantha are little friends even though they don't know it yet. Babies make the world go round.

Priscilla said...

I don't think I've ever seen a baby that's not cute, well, maybe that's not totally true! But at any rate, the two you portrayed in your blog sure are. And by the way, I'm certain there are way more than 3 people who read your blog daily! I read it just to get my daily dose of comedic relief. If I'm on the computer, laughing out loud, Chris says:"You reading Elizabeth's blog again?" Sure wish he could've met you...

Elizabeth Downie said...

Thanks Priscilla! You're too sweet. I really wish I could've seen Chris too. Hopefully someday soon! :)

Alecia - i wish I hadn't calculated my age that night. That number was gruesome. ;) See you Thursday!