Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

For the past three days, I've been sharing a shower with a spider. The spider basically follows the rules. The first two days, it remained completely still. In fact, the second day, I thought it was dead. I figured I'd deal with the corpse later. Then last night, there it was again, crawling in it's little corner, happy as can be. Confident and free.

Because it knew something that I didn't know.

That there was a centipede on the floor of the shower.

And that if any insect was getting killed that  night, it was going to be the centipede, not the spider.

Centipedes are just not ok. I know I've said that snakes are the worst because they have no legs, but the centipede is the second worst because it has too many legs. Way too many. It over corrected.

Suffice it to say, I got out of that shower in .2 seconds. Then I had to figure out a way to get the centipede down the drain with a shower-head that isn't easily removed. Eventually I succeeded, but the rest of the shower I kept picturing it coming back out somehow.

The spider was the last thing on my mind after that. For all I know, it was crawling all over me (it wasn't, and even writing that sentence gave me the heebie jeebies).

This morning I was thinking about my shower experience, and wondering how to get rid of the creepy crawlies. Lots of bugs start coming inside this time of year and I don't like it. The first thing that came to mind? Chickens. Chickens eat bugs. And honestly, I'd rather have a chicken in the bathroom than a centipede. Any day.

In other thoughts, I started writing a blog post about honeycrisp apples this morning, after taking a bite of a piece of heaven (a honeycrisp apple). I will do you guys a favor and not publish that post. It included historical information about Johnny Appleseed, scientific information about hybrid apples, and worse more. It was a full on love letter to honeycrisp apples. Let's just say, this is an actual picture I made for that post:

It was quite an apple.

Lastly in Wednesday Thoughts, I got a flu shot this morning. It hurt and I lied about my weight on the form and I'll probably still get the flu.

Happy Wednesday!


Wee Sisters Three said...

I haven't gotten a flu shot in years and I haven't gotten the flu in years. Writing this now means that I will get the flu, but I am going to tempt it.

Centipeeds are wack.

I was at the grocery store today and saw honey crisp apples and thought of you. Funny that you're writing about them on the same day.

Jeff Chase said...

I loooooove honeycrisp apples. I had one from the Berkeley Bowl last week and it was the most delicious thing I've had in months. I would have been completely on board with your apple post.

I almost feel like I recommended honeycrisp apples to you. Did I?

violet50 said...

Good post, but first things first. Why wasn't I told about the spider and the over-corrected centipede in our shower??? I love all apples - the tart ones the best. It's my favorite fruit. McIntosh is my fave, followed by Jonathon and Granny Smith. I'm sick so the flu shot will have to wait.

Sean Cameron said...

Honeycrisp apples
Nutritious and delicious
I want one right now

That's a haiku for your apple blog. They really are my favorites too.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Jeff, it's possible. If you did, THANK YOU!

Katherine said...

YES Honeycrisp!!! I bought one today and it was ridonkulously expensive, but was worth it. I still want to see that post, too. ;)

I've told you about my 2am centipede in the bathroom story and our epic fight to the death (I won, barely), which included a sneak attach from the 'pede, crawling back up through the drainage hole after I flushed it down the sink (there's so much more to the story, but I'd rather not dwell on it...). UGH. I'm all for sharing space with creatures, even ghosts, who may have been here long before us, but I draw the line at centipedes. They are all wrong!!