Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Like many of you, I'm a list maker. Sometimes my lists are important, like "things I have to get done today" or "workout goals for the day." And other times my lists are REALLY important like, "my favorite movie comedies" or "tv shows to watch this season."

My mind is full of lists these days. I thought I'd skim some off the surface and share them with you. I hope you return the favor. I'd love to hear some of the lists you're working on right now.

Movies I have to watch this fall: 

Hocus Pocus (DUH - this one must be viewed at least thrice per fall/Halloween season)
Insidious II (since I saw part one)
Ghostbusters (I'm just feeling it.)

Crafts to do this fall: 

Pumpkin vase  
Halloween candy jar
Spooky shapes cut-outs
Thanksgiving banner

Books I want to re-read soon: I'm not one of those people who think it's a waste of time to re-read a favorite book. Who makes these rules anyway!? People who claim to be too busy to do such things but then waste their time in other ways. (Whoa, bitter much, Elizabeth?)

What I meant to say was, I don't think it's a waste of time to re-read favorite books. I'm in the "it's like visiting an old friend" camp of thought here.

How Green Was My Valley
A Girl Named Zippy
How to Talk Minnesotan
Harry Potter series

Things I need to focus on:

Dating (gulp)
Getting a little side business going (I'll let you guess what that will be. NO it's not a brothel. Sicko.)

Things I want to do soon:

Go on a hayride
Carve a pumpkin
Go to a cider mill
Go to a corn maze

Food I want to eat soon: 

Candy corns. SOOO good for the first ten pieces. SOOOO bad for every piece after that.
Donuts and cider from a cider mill
Caramel apple

Food I want to make soon: 

No, but for real: pumpkin everything.
Also, I want to make a multi-layer jello in my lobster jello mold.

More lists are already forming in my head as I wrap this up so I better end now. What are some lists you're working on lately?


Katherine said...

"No, but for real: pumpkin everything." HA! Seriously, though.

I love all of these lists, and am COMPLETELY in the same camp as you when it comes to re-reading a book. There is ALWAYS time to re-read a favorite book! I've been doing that a lot lately (while also reading new books), and am LOVING life.

As for my lists, they are similar to yours - crafts to do, side business things to work on, life goals, basic "to-do" stuff... Lists give me a sense of peace. I love lists. Especially crossing things off lists!!!

violet50 said...

Hmmm. Pumpkin cookies sound good right now. With chocolate chips in them. Don't chocolate chips make everything better? I re-read my favorite books and savor them. I think most authors hope that everyone will give their books more than a once-through.

lizzie mc.- said...

My lists look something like this. Today's date: hit snooze several times, breakfast, laundry, my homework, stay awake until 3:00 so I don't wake up thinking I'm late too pick up my kiddo, kid homework, dinner, my homework, wrestle 1/2 pints to bed, try to stay awake until 10 watching the adult show I didn't stay awake for yesterday. Peel myself off the recliner, scrub teeth pass out. Move all things from yesterday that were left undone due to random friend needs, avoidance, or other household needs groceries, bills, church callings. And I'm ever so grateful that my list is on my computer because, heck if I have time to re-write everything I didn't get done today. Thanks for the lovely distraction, especially pumpkin everything and I'm looking forward to hearing about the side business. And "How to Speak Minnesotan" that sounds almost as good as "The illustrated Texas Dictionary of the English language" Multiple volumes.

elliespen said...

Hmm... a Mormon woman talking about a side business? Gotta be photography. ;) I sometimes wonder if I'm failing my religion a little bit because I don't do amateur photography.

We had a pumpkin-themed Relief Society activity last night with ALL the pumpkin treats. Like at least 15 of them. And then they gave us all the recipes, so I'm pretty much set for fall. (If you want any of the recipes, shoot me an email. It's my screen name at gmail. )

Elizabeth Downie said...

Haha, it is not a photography business, but that is a VERY good guess!!!! Everyone does that!!! lol. No, I don't even have a camera. Just my iphone, which takes good enough pictures but not quite good enough to go "pro." haha!