Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Disgusting Halloween

I love Halloween. Love, love, love. I love pumpkins and costumes and candy and festivities and fall colors and spookiness and fun times. But this fall season as I've been scrolling through Pinterest, I have seen some Halloween ideas that can only be described as sick and wrong.

Taking things too far.

Grossing me out.

Crossing a line.

Scaring me.

Making me shake me head and frown.

Do you want to see some of them? I thought you would. Here you go, you weirdo.

:::My promise to you: if you come to a Halloween party I throw, you will never see anything like this served!:::

1. Pumpkin barfing. Barfing is NEVER ok. And guacamole, while delicious, already has a gross appearance. This isn't doing it any favors.Who would eat this?

2. Brain dip. Once again, sick sick sick sick sick.

3. Spider cookies. These just kinda give me the heebie jeebies. They're not sick, they're just wrong.

4. Bloody band-aids. Can you even imagine eating one of these??? Yuck!!

5. What is wrong with people? Rat meatloaf?!!??!

Sick source

Confession: If I went to someone's Halloween party and they were serving any of these items, they would definitely gain my respect. I love when people get into holidays and go all out. But while I would appreciate what they did, I would not go anywhere near the food table. 

Which do you think is the grossest?



k nelle said...

the bloody bandaids. Oh. my. Gosh. that is so gross. too far, pinterest. too far.

Wee Sisters Three said...

I am grossed out equally by everything. I can't pick one. Maybe the rat one if I really had to pick. I've done the pumpkin barfing but out on the porch with it's own guts coming out. I didn't expect someone to eat it.

I love Halloween. The kids are trying to decide what they want to be so I can start making costumes. Baby Bear said she wants to be Cat Woman. The other two haven't settled. They change it daily so I told them that by friday they have to tell me and they can't change.

Mark said...

Spider Cookies!

And don't you have the same complaints at Easter, Christmas, and St. Patrick's Day?

Oh wait, St. Patrick's day is all about vomiting leprechauns.

Liz said...

If by gross you mean awesome, then I totally agree.

Elizabeth Downie said...

Hmmm.... not sure what you mean about having the same complaints at other holidays!

Kristin McElderry said...

SO i definitely have served the band aids before, lol. I also made these...

which came out sooo coool! Also gross is imitating ear wax (, which we also did at a party once.

Yeah... totally gross. But it is halloween! We also served some non-gross super delicious items :)

elliespen said...

What sick lunatic thought that spider cookies would be okay?!