Monday, September 23, 2013

Little ones

Yesterday my family got together to celebrate Katherine's birthday (birthdays are a big deal in my family). I had made the cake the night before but hadn't had time to decorate it so I inlisted the help of the little ones while other people made dinner.

The kids were totally, 100% on board with this especially because I was making an M&M cake and I gave them permission to use the "one for the cake, one for me" method. (As an aunt, I am contractually obligated to ignore healthy eating habits when they are in my care.) When we were done, this is what the cake looked like:

Before the party, I had the kids make cards for Katherine. I wish I had pictures of all of them, because they were all amazing, but this one was my favorite. My five year old niece drew this picture of her and Katherine together. Why do all kids draw humans as heads with legs? I definitely drew like this when I was a kid, but I don't understand it. I just know I love it.

The likeness is uncanny, by the way. It's like a photograph. I love this drawing so much it makes my heart hurt a little. It's so happy.

Side note, this niece and I took a picture together and after the picture was taken she said to me, "I burped during the picture."

Last story about the kids: near the end of the party, I was so tired. It had been an insanely busy weekend and I was feeling it. My seven year old nephew kept trying to get me to play with him, but I was laying on the couch and couldn't be moved. So he decided to just join me and cozied up with me on the couch. Once he was snuggled up, he asked me to tell him a legend. I couldn't think of any legends, except the Legend of Zelda, but that story began and ended with the title of the video game since I couldn't remember any details of the game itself. So he said, "ok, then tell me a story. A spooky one." I decided to tell him the plot line of the movie "Mr. Boogedy."

I started the story with, "A family with two boys and one girl moved into an old spooky house even though they'd been warned it was haunted." At this point his eyes got big and he was hooked. I told him it wasn't a true story, but that didn't matter to him. In his mind, it was true, and in fact, a cautionary tale. As the story went on, I told him some of the spooky things that happened in the house, and about how the youngest boy couldn't find his teddy bear, so late at night he searched the house for it with a flashlight. When he heard a sound in the basement, he went down there to search.

Of COURSE Mr. Boogedy lives here.

At this point, my nephew stopped me and said, "I would never, ever move into a haunted house, but if I did, I would NOT go into the basement. That's where the monsters are!" I said, "duh, everyone knows that." And we moved on with the story.

He was completely engrossed in the story. At one point, I stopped because my neck hurt (we had moved to the floor because the couch was too cramped for both of us). Without hesitation, he jumped up, got me a pillow, put it under my head, and laid back down.

Note to self: more spooky stories, more service.

All in all, it was a fun afternoon. And Katherine got to wear a very special birthday crown - a Burger Queen crown I grabbed there about a month ago and saved for this special occasion (I had actually meant to decorate it with glitter and paint but... oops).

The queen opening her gifts
Little ones make everything more fun. And more loud. But mostly more fun.


Wee Sisters Three said...

Who's that sexy lady on the left hand corner of the wall. .....

I laughed this whole post. These kids sure are cute. S had so much fun drawing that picture too. She told me during church that she wanted the white color on the bodies so you could see it better. She also told me about the burping during the picture and she was cracking up about it.

violet50 said...

The grandkids sure are fun! It was a great party and the cake looked so cute with the rainbow colors. I think things taste better when they start out looking good. The crown was a nice touch.

Katherine said...

It was a really fun party, and the cards are SO CUTE!! I love those adorable kiddies. That picture really is so accurate - that's exactly what we'd look like if our arms and legs came out of our heads!! :D Thanks for all of the fun birthday times!!

Brooke Romney said...

So fun and such a great cake!!