Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aunt Date

I took my youngest niece on a aunt date yesterday! You might remember her from her dancing video on here (link). For her aunt date, she had her mind set on ice skating, something she had never done before! I was a little nervous, since I've never taught a kid to ice skate before, but she did great. Sometimes she used the brace (as seen above), and sometimes she just held my hand and skated. Sometimes I put my arms under hers and raced her around the rink. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time. She loved it! It was like watching a baby deer learn how to walk!


Katherine said...

SO CUUUUTE!!!!! I love that little deer! ;)

Sara said...

You're so right about the baby deer! We've taken our nieces ice skating before too. Super fun aunt/uncle date.

violet50 said...

She takes to skating like a fish to water. Fun to watch!