Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

To start out with, I have two pictures to warm you up today! The first is a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows I enjoyed at my friend Janice's (also known as "Janathon) last night. I WANT this mug! The second is something I saw earlier today: the crocuses are blooming!!! Sorry about the crappy quality of the picture, but it's still pretty exciting. I mean, it'll be months before the flowers really start coming up, but the crocuses always give me hope. They are so ridiculous, coming up in the middle of winter. But I love it.

In other Wednesday Thoughts, I think I'm just going to do a few bullet points:

* I've been drinking a lot of smoothies at work and everyone is obsessed with them.  I guess a tall green drink isn't normal in the office. This morning a coworker gave me some Chia seeds to add to the smoothie. I haven't tried it yet. I'm a little scared. She assured me these seeds are different than the ones used to grow Chia Pets.

* Someone who works at the YMCA (which I recently joined) told me they might be interested in me making hula hoops and holding a class at the Y on hooping. How cool would that be?

* The other day, I recommended to my coworker the show "Bunheads," which really is good. Earlier today he said, "I have too many shows to watch, and I'm way behind, and now I have to watch that Buns show."

* Valentine's Day is next week. Do you love it or hate it?

Happy Wednesday!


Kristin McElderry said...

I love bunheads!

Mark said...

That mug would be so awesome if was a working model. You could get underneath it, push the flush lever, and power-chug the whole cupful. Counter-clockwise swirl of cocoa down your throat!

Not so awesome if it was still really hot.

lizzie mc.- said...

haha, Mark. True and true.

Crocuses don't grow well here, so thank you. They are a hopeful and happy flower.

Never eat something that goes with pet, very questionable.

Fun post. Thanks for Wed thoughts, they always cheer me!

violet50 said...

The sunshine is very cheering today, with zero wind! I can pretend that it is the end of March. Thanks for the crocus picture. I'll have to got out to the side of the house and see if ours have come up. Crocuses are the harbinger of spring, for sure-little purple and yellow rays of hope.

NecropolisHerbs said...

Can the three of us have a hot cocoa night w/ that mug mayhaps?

Great post!

Liz said...

Ya, I can totally see Janice owning that mug. She is obsessed with all things bodily functions.
Chia seeds sound interesting. I've heard that they are so good for you and have tons and tons of benefits. I'm always weary of eating seeds though, I don't want anything growing inside of me.
That would be awesome if you could make hula hoops and teach a class. Will they pay you?
I have yet to watch Bunheads but I'm interested in it. Sherman-Paladino makes great shows and I do love Sutton Foster, her name is super cute and she is super talented.
I don't hate nor love Valentine's Day. It's just another day as far as I'm concerned.

Sara said...

A hula hooping class at the Y!? How cool is that!

Katherine said...

Ha! That mug! I love it when the crocuses start peeping up - the end is nigh!!! And I'm so-so on V-Day. I love love! But don't love the relationship focus....