Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

To start, I wanted to share a snippet of a conversation I had with my retirement company the other day:

Her: What is the name of your company?
Me: (I tell her.)
Her: ...... That... sounds horrible.
Me: ...Yeah. (Thinking: so does the name of your company.)

In other thoughts, in an effort to find healthy snacks to snack on at work, I bought a box of these Special K "brownie bites."

Unfortunately, when I opened them, this is what I found (they are on a regular sized tissue here to show how few were in the bag):

But that's not the worst part. This is what they look like up close. Mini soggy rye toast?

I'll tell you what - after one of these bags I was FU-ULL! Couldn't eat another bite! And yuuuummmy. A tiny bite of a vaguely chocolate tasting soft chew! It's almost exactly like eating a real bite of brownie! (I hope you can sense my sarcasm.)

I mean, I get it. It's a healthy snack. It's not meant to be the same as eating an actual brownie. But maybe try a little harder, Special K? I rate these zero brownies out of ten. Gross.

Lastly in other Wednesday Thoughts, how do you guys feel about Valentine's Day? Yay or nay?

Happy Wednesday.


Katherine said...

I like Nabisco's brownie bites. There aren't a ton in those, either, but they're yummy, and they quench my craving for chocolate.

As for V-Day, I like the love part of it! And the colors! I've decided this year not to let it bum me out - just enjoy the candy and the colors! :)

Lori Laurent Smith said...

I thought the 'brownie bits' were doggie treats, so I appreciate the clarification.

My chocolate cravings are satisfied by Zingerman's magic brownies. I'll cut it into quarters with the best intentions that usually fall apart by 4pm as the last of the brownie is consumed.

D said...

I always wonder when products advertise they are made with ”real” chocolate or ”real” cheese. I mean I expect my food to be made with real food!

Wee Sisters Three said...

I just laughed so hard at this. I have had these before and others like them and it is so sad. It took me about 8 seonds to eat everything in the bag and then I'm what? So I ate 4 bags. Sad. 100 calorie pack fail.